The child does not want to read. 7 steps to reading

The childhood of our children is significantly different from ours. This fact is incontestable. Being born in a rich information flow, children have much more entertainment now and many sources of diverse information than we didn’t have. As a result, most of today’s children do not want and do not like to read. However, there are so many interesting, incredible, and amazing books in the world! My child doesn’t want to read — it sounds really sad. It’s your task to teach your child to read and to encourage a love of reading.

The child does not want to read 7 steps to reading

What to do if the child does not want to read?

Step one — start with yourself

Your child does not like to read. The first step is to read books yourself and show your love of reading to your children. For children to get excited about reading, we need a favorable reading environment. Certainly, there are children with an innate desire to read, they are in love with books from cradle and keep this feeling to an old age. To all the rest a love of reading should be taught.

The second step is talking about reading and books

Share your reading experiences with the child. You can read interesting excerpts from books that are understandable in his age. Stimulate the child’s desire to share his thoughts about books, discuss the characters of the story, or the plot of a just-read fairy-tale. In the evening, let the child choose the book for you to read. You may read to each other in turns.

Step three — read to your child

If you want your child to read with pleasure, give him the pleasure of reading before bed. Start a bit earlier to have time to discuss the reading. Even if your child has already learned to read himself, is not a reason to cancel your reading to him before bed. The child should clearly understand that these boring black letters are hiding absolutely incredible magical things and that reading can open doors into miraculous and mysterious worlds.

Step four — do not force

Love can’t be forced. You wouldn’t say: «Stop watching TV, go read a book!» or «If you want to go for a walk — read 3 pages!». Such phrases will not encourage a love of reading. Moreover, if now the child just doesn’t like to read, then reading will turn into a punishment. There is a joke: if you want to inspire aversion to anything, include it into the school curriculum. So don’t push and don’t force your child to read.

Step five — provide a choice

Give your young reader the time and opportunity to find HIS BOOK. Provide your child with books on different subjects, organize your child’s library, go to the bookstore together and buy some books, which will be chosen by your child. Let it be his choice even if you don’t like it. Let it be books about airplanes, tanks or insects, even if you like fairy-tales.

The sixth step — everything in its time.

Do you remember the book, with which your love of reading started? A love of reading always starts with THE BOOK, so interesting, that you can’t put it aside until you get to the end, and getting to the end is very regrettable. After such a BOOK you have the desire to find something of the kind, so you read and read… You need to help your child find this BOOK. Ask friends, read new children literature, share impressions about your favorite books with your child, but do not impose your tastes. After all, the book is a personal matter… So be patient! Do not blame your child of laziness or stupidity, otherwise the child will not want to read anything that was or will be… ever printed.

Step seven -maintain reading interest

Respect the reading choice of your child. If your child wants a book — buy it, even if you understand the baby is too young for the book, he will read in some years. Ask the child about what he has read, but never force talking. Your conversation should not resemble the homework. If a child can’t notice your sincere interest, he will not share his reading experience. Don’t forget to praise your child and be sure to share your impressions from reading your books.

I hope that these 7 steps to reading will help you if your child doesn’t want to read.

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