About me


Hi! I’m Valentina, the author of this blog, a professional nanny, and a happy mother of a two-year-old boy. Glad to see you here!

When I started this blog four years ago, I didn’t know much about pregnancy and what it means to be a mother. As a professional nanny, I knew a lot about kids, though.

I have a college degree in child development, and I’m certified in first aid and CPR. By the time I wrote the first article, I also had three years of experience as a full-time nanny.

And yet, there was still so much I wanted to know about motherhood! I was eager to learn about it – after all, I still believe that being a good mother is the most important and challenging job a woman can do in life. So, as a woman who had just got married and was planning for a baby, I started to gather information on the topic.

Writing these articles was a way of educating myself. Basically, what I needed was the answer to the two simple questions:

– what can I do to help my baby grow up happy?

– what can I do to make my baby healthy?

In a way, every single article on this blog is an answer to one of these questions (and sometimes to both of them as happiness and health are closely related).

My own mother died when I was twelve after two years of a severe illness leaving me, my 15-year-old sister, and father in deep sorrow. I guess, one of the reasons why I chose to work with kids was that I was (and still is) missing my mom.

My father re-married two or three years later. I’m immensely grateful to my “second mom” – she raised me with so much affection that I always felt I’m loved and cherished. And also, I’m happy that she supported me in my decision to get a college degree in child development. My dad wanted me to become a lawyer, an accountant, or an engineer, so my “second mom’s” emotional support was of great value to me until my dad also came to terms with my decision.

When I started reading about pregnancy, giving birth, and newborn care, I couldn’t find a reliable source providing information in a way that would suit me. So, I planned my website as a solution.

To begin with, I’ve tried to take only the things that are truly important. Also, I organized them in a way that made them easier to read and understand. After all, to me, a source of practical information is good if you spend little time reading but learn a lot of information to change your life for the better.

I’d like to hear from you if you want to ask me a question or share interesting facts about motherhood and pregnancy!