The 35th week of pregnancy

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35 weeks pregnant: what can I expect?

You are now in the final few weeks of your pregnancy. If your maternity leave has started you may have too much time on your hands and you may feel time is passing slowly. Use this time to relax and do the things you love. Pamper yourself by going to a health spa or it can be something simple like treating yourself to a favorite dessert.

Physical changes in you at week 35

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  • Around 35 weeks your baby will settle into the birthing position if it has been lying in the breech position until now – a breech position is when the baby has its bottom down and head up. Cephalic presentation or head first is the normal birthing position for your baby to be delivered.
  • Sometime during the final trimester of your pregnancy you may start to notice your breasts leaking thin yellowish liquid called colostrum, which is rich in antibodies and good for your baby. Usually around the 35 weeks of pregnancy the amount of colostrum leaked will be less, but if it makes you uncomfortable avoid wearing dark tops where the wet spots are more visible. Another option is to use a nursing pad inside your bra for colostrum leakage in your breasts. If your breasts are starting to feel heavy wear a good supportive maternity bra.
  • At 35 weeks the amniotic fluid you had been carrying until now gradually decreases until you give birth. This fluid is known as “waters” or liquor, you might have heard of pregnant women use the phrase ‘my waters just broke’. When the membrane of your amniotic sac ruptures it is known as your waters breaking. If you are not sure if the leaking fluid is urine or water, you can contact your doctor to have the fluid tested.
  • It’s common to get heart palpitations at this stage of your pregnancy due to the load on your heart and the displacement of large blood vessels near your heart. Sometimes in the night you may not be able to sleep and you may feel like your heart is going to beat right out off your chest. Call your doctor if you have chest pains and you feel like you are unable to breathe.

Emotional changes in you at week 35

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  • During this stage of your pregnancy your feelings of impatience or irritability may increase. You have been pregnant for more than six months now and you are getting close to deliver your baby, the irritability stems from all the weight and physical and emotional changes you have to deal with. Now is the time for you to be optimistic and have patience, your baby is not far away from being delivered.
  • The emotional stress created by your pregnancy may result in you feeling weepy. You may have terrible mood swings when your back and legs ache. Take it easy and give your body a rest when it needs one.
  • It may be hard for you to be upbeat and positive when you feel like your body has been put through a dryer. Remember pregnancy is a natural state and your delivery date is not far now – try to enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy.

How’s my baby doing?

  • Your baby now has five more weeks left to grow and most of its growth in the remaining weeks will be in weight and not in height. Your baby will be gaining around 450 grams this week, and the fat will be accumulating rapidly on baby’s body.
  • Also continuing to grow at a rapid pace is your baby’s brain this week. The neurons and early connections in your baby’s brain are developing at a rapid pace and are perfectly wired to receive simulation when it is born. Omega 3 – fatty acids are vital for your baby’s brain development. Continue eating those prawns, nuts and salmon for a healthy brain development.
  • As the baby’s growth is now focused on weight rather than height, your baby will measure around 50 centimeters this week. Your baby won’t increase in length much now, and maybe another centimeter or two until delivery.
  • At 35 weeks the space in your uterus is getting really cramped for your baby and it doesn’t have much room to wiggle or to big movements. However if you feel your baby’s moving patterns have changed and it’s quiet, call your doctor or midwife.

Useful tips for week 35

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  • If you are a first time mum and you are planning to breastfeed your baby it’s normal to be anxious. Breast milk provides a number of benefits for your growing baby. Today most hospitals have breastfeeding classes that will teach you how to breastfeed a baby correctly and what to do if the baby is not latching properly.
  • If you don’t want a wet mattress when your waters break, use a plastic sheet or an old shower curtain to place on your mattress when you sleep. It’s impossible to know when your waters will break. Keep a towel in your car handy if your water breaks when you are out shopping.
  • Your doctor would have discussed a birthing plan for you by week 35. If not speak to your partner and decide on a birthing plan best suited for you. It’s also important to discuss who should be your birthing partner.
  • You and your partner might have a tough time on agreeing on a baby name that you both might like. To make it easier have a ‘no way column’ in your list, and names that you think are ridiculous goes in that list.
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