A woman and her baby in the 5th week of pregnancy

Most often, it is in the fifth week of pregnancy that a woman becomes aware of her pregnancy. The 5th obstetric week is the 3rd week from conception. This means that your baby is 3 weeks old.

What happens with a baby at 5 weeks pregnant?

5 weeks pregnant pictures

At this time, a further specialization of cells that will later form the internal organs of the baby takes place. A neural tube — the prototype of the future central nervous system — also begins to form. At 5 weeks pregnant, this neural tube has a bulb. This bulb will turn into the most complex organ — your baby’s brain. In the 5th week of pregnancy, a fetus looks like a shrimp, only its dimensions are smaller — 1.5 to 2.5 mm (0.06 — 1in).

Now fetus weighs 3.5 grams (0.008lb) and looks like a folded tube. Not only his head and tail but also other body parts and organs can be seen: arms, legs, fingers, eyes, mouth, and nose. In the 5th week, we can already determine the blood group of the fetus. At this time sex glands form. The sex of the baby was defined at the moment of conception.


On the 5th week of pregnancy, a fetus continues to develop the cardiovascular system. The heart tube begins to turn into a little heart with blood vessels. The little heart begins to beat with a frequency of 100 beats per minute.

A baby’s liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, thyroid gland, and pancreas begin to form. This week, the thyroid gland begins to synthesize the hormone thyroglobulin.

The fifth week of pregnancy. What happens with a future mother?

5 week fetus picture

In the fifth week, pregnancy is characterized by headaches, increased urination, weakness and drowsiness, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. Some women want to eat only salty food. Most women do not notice any symptoms this week.

Pregnancy tests can confirm your state with almost 100% accuracy, so if you still have doubts, then run to the drugstore and buy a test!

  • The uterus at 5 weeks pregnant.

This week the uterus begins to noticeably increase in size, though your pregnancy isn’t yet noticeable. Now your uterus is like an egg. An experienced gynecologist can determine the development of pregnancy by touching your abdomen.

  • Your breasts

Body changes in the 5th week of pregnancy will affect your breasts. It can be only a slight tingling or irritation or a more uncomfortable feeling in the mammary glands. Your breasts can become itchy and your nipples — sore and highly sensitive.

Some women observe darkening of areolas and venation on breasts in early stages of pregnancy. Do not worry, all these changes will disappear after pregnancy and breastfeeding. In the 5th week of pregnancy, your breast will gradually begin to curve and grow — your husband will like it.

  • Fever at 5 weeks pregnant

In the 5th week of pregnancy, weakness and drowsiness may be accompanied with fever up to sub-febrile marks — 37−37,2 C. This is a normal phenomenon associated with the active work of hormones. If your general health condition is satisfactory, then such temperature should not become a cause for concern. Body temperature increase is a sign of early pregnancy, although it is not observed in all pregnant women. If you have a fever or other signs of a cold (a cough, runny nose, headaches, sore throat), you must immediately begin to act. Be careful during the first trimester. Don’t take any medicines or folk remedies without consulting your doctor.

  • Pain in abdomen in the fifth week

If you feel pain in the lower abdomen as if before menstruation — it can be increased uterine tone and this means a threat of miscarriage. Don’t panic, many women experience such a condition in the early stages of pregnancy. You need to be safe: try to rest more and in a horizontal position, do not be nervous, do not wear high heels, have a sexual rest. Perhaps, the source of your pain is not the uterus, but the bowels. In this case, pain worsens after prolonged sitting because of stomach squeezing. It is also possible that drawing pain in the abdomen is associated with the growth of uterus and muscle tension.

However, if you are 5 weeks pregnant and you have pain in the lower abdomen, and this pain is accompanied with brown or bloody vaginal discharge, then you need to urgently consult a specialist.

  • Vaginal discharge

Any bloody discharge in the 5th week of pregnancy is dangerous. Light brownish discharge warns you about the threat of miscarriage, bright red discharge of different intensity means that a miscarriage started. Still, about 20% of women have menstruation at this time — it’s also a norm.

You must tell your gynecologist about strange or unusual vaginal discharge in this week. Yellow, green, grayish discharge can be a sign of infections and sexually transmitted diseases. If you feel itching, burning, swelling and irritation of the genital organs, the fact of infection is obvious. During pregnancy, women often have vaginal thrush. Vaginal thrush is sometimes even considered an early sign of pregnancy.

Increased vaginal mucus production is associated with changes in hormonal levels. Just pay attention to your intimate hygiene. Use only natural hypoallergenic cosmetics.

  • Ultrasound at 5 weeks pregnant

At this time, ultrasound can easily confirm your pregnancy. It can also indicate how many babies are developing inside you. You can learn where your baby attached. The doctor will evaluate the state of your uterus and, if necessary, will make the right predictions. In the fifth week, a good specialist with good equipment can already hear the first cardiac rhythms of the embryo. However, ultrasound will show neither the weight of the baby nor other interesting parameters. The doctor will measure the diameter of the fetal bladder and crown-rump length CRL — i.e. the length of the embryo from crown to rump. Such length of the fetus will be specified during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.


Recommendations for the fifth week of pregnancy

  • avoid all food additives — especially sugar substitutes;
  • visit your doctor, if you haven’t done it;

Before going to the doctor, recall the exact date of your last menstruation.

  • take care of your health;

Remember that now you are in the first trimester of pregnancy. This period is very vulnerable. Avoid overcooling and overheating.

  • follow the regime of work and rest;
  • eat properly and take multivitamins for pregnant women;
  • avoid alcohol and tobacco;

Scientists have proven that alcoholism can be inherited and smoking causes distortion of the DNA structure and leads to deformities of future offspring.

  • avoid stressful situations;

It is very important to protect yourself from any stress during this period. Each unpleasant experience can affect your baby.

If you have previously listed symptoms (nausea, vomiting, weakness), they will most likely disappear after the 12th week. If you suffer badly from the signs of early toxicosis, you need to consult a physician.

5 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

5 weeks ultrasound picture

5 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

5 week sonogram pictures

pictures of 5 weeks pregnant belly

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