11 weeks pregnant — fetal development and mother’s health

The 11th midwifery week is the ninth week from conception. In this week women experience first sensations that are associated with an increased uterus. Of course, even before, you emotionally feel life inside you, but now you begin to feel it on a physical level. For example, now, while sleeping on your stomach, you may feel some discomfort.

11 weeks pregnant — fetal development and mother’s health

External changes of your body are still almost unnoticeable, although your baby is growing really fast, and the uterus occupies almost the entire area of the pelvis.

Signs of pregnancy in the 11th week

11 weeks pregnant pictures

Of course, now you have no doubts about your interesting condition. However, it would be useful to know about common pregnancy signs for the week.

  • Increased metabolism

Your metabolism increases by about 25%, and this means that the calories are burned much faster than before pregnancy.

  • Increased blood volume.

Because of this, most women sweat profusely, feel internal fever, and drink a lot of fluid.

  • Unstable mood.

Emotional extremes are still being felt. There is some anxiety, irritability, restlessness, emotional instability and tearfulness. If you can’t resolve a psychological problem by yourself, then you certainly need to consult a professional psychologist for help, as depressions during pregnancy are harmful.

Sensations at 11 weeks pregnant

Eleventh week usually brings some relief to those women, who suffer from morning sickness. But unfortunately not everyone can completely forget about this unpleasant phenomenon. Many will continue to suffer until the 14th week, and perhaps even more. Unfortunately, nothing can be done with this; you can only go through this period.

In the 11th week you:

feel pregnant — in the truest sense of the word. Some clothing may become a little tight for your slightly increased belly;

experience early morning sickness — if you still feel this kind of inconvenience, this is quite normal;

shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort besides morning sickness. If you do, then please consult a doctor. Do not try to stand pain, do not risk your health and the life of your baby;

may have increased white vaginal discharge — it will accompany you throughout your pregnancy. The norm is only white or transparent discharge with a slightly sour or without any smell.

feel changes in your breasts — in the eleventh week your breasts may increase by at least 1 size and become very sensitive. You may also have some discharge from the nipples — colostrum. Don’t squeeze your breasts. If the colostrum stains your underwear, then buy special breast pads;

have constipation and heartburn — they are optional symptoms, but you may have them at eleven weeks pregnant due to the influence of hormones;

drowsiness and mood swings — you may also notice distraction and forgetfulness. There is nothing to worry about. You are now fully immersed in yourself and your new condition, and the foretaste of the joys of motherhood only facilitates your removal from the outside world.

The development of the fetus in the 11th week

11 week fetus picture

Now its size is about 6−8 cm and it weighs about 10−15 g. It is like a large plum. But so far, it looks not very proportionally.

Important processes for the week.

The fetus can lift the head. The little spine has straightened up a bit. The neck becomes more visible.

Arms and legs are still short. The arms are longer than legs. There are fingers on the hands and toes on the feet, this week they get separated. Palms are also developing very actively — now they can grasp.

The fetus begins to react to external stimuli. For example, your cough or any shaking can disturb the little creature. Now your baby can «smell» the amniotic fluid and react to the changes in your food.

The digestive tract and rectum are developing. This week, the baby often swallows the amniotic fluid, it may also yawn.

The heart rate of a fetus decreases to the frequency of 120−160 beats per minute. He already has four chambers, but the hole between the right and left parts of the heart is still there. Because of this, the venous and arterial blood is mixed together.

Baby skin is still very thin and transparent; through it one can see blood vessels.

Sex glands begin to form, but in most cases it’s impossible to determine the gender. However, in some cases, boys at this stage are already different from girls.

Eleventh week is very important in determining pregnancy term. It is important to know that after the 12th week, the accuracy of pregnancy duration calculation is greatly reduced. That is why, if you doubt about your pregnancy term, it’s better to have an ultrasound no later than in the 11thweek.

11 weeks pregnant. Photos

Photo of the fetus.


Photos of the abdomen.

11 weeks pregnant Photos of the abdomen

Ultrasound in the 11th week.

11 week pregnant

Recommendations and tips

Firstly, you must follow general guidelines:

  • spend much time in the fresh air,
  • relax,
  • avoid stress,
  • have a balanced diet.

If the pregnancy is progressing without problems, you can even do special exercises for pregnant women.

Now the recommendations for the 11th week.

Keep an eye on your vaginal discharge. White discharge, as mentioned above, is the norm. If you have brown or bloody discharge, go to the doctor.

Avoid crowded places. Any caught or infection may harm you in your condition.

Take care of your legs. The load on your veins gradually increases, so that after any long periods of sitting or standing, lie down. It’s a good idea to purchase special tights for varicose veins. They will facilitate blood movement through the vessels, and you won’t feel fatigue. You can also do a light foot massage with application of cooling gel.

No anesthesia! If you have some dental problems, tell your dentist you are pregnant.

Sex is not prohibited. But be extremely careful and cautious! Most likely, you’ll feel discomfort when lying on the stomach. The position of the rider is also a kind of dangerous. Try to choose positions for no deep penetration.

First scheduled ultrasound examination is held in this week. By this time the fetus has grown enough to assess the correctness of its development.

11 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

11 week sonogram pictures

11 weeks ultrasound picture

11 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

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