The 14th week of pregnancy

The 14th week of pregnancy can be called a kind of a «turning point» of pregnancy — now begins the second trimester of pregnancy. From now on, you can stop worrying about most pathologies and anomalies, which can develop in the early stages of pregnancy. Now your baby is 8−10 cm tall and weighs about 30−40 g.

The 14th week of pregnancy

Fetus in the 14th week

14 week fetus picture

The fetus actively moves, frowns, clenches fists and comes into contact with the abdominal wall. Some women can feel their babies move at 14 weeks pregnant.

The fetus continues to «build» bone skeleton: it’s now that ribs appear. Surprisingly, but now the baby is preparing for birth — it makes first diaphragm motions. A 14-week fetus can distinguish tastes when it swallows the amniotic fluid, it likes sweet amniotic fluid! The body of the fetus is still covered with a thick protective grease, but underneath some downy hair, which is called lanugo, appeared on the skin. Your baby already has eyebrows and eyelashes. All systems and organs of the fetus are functioning, and their work becomes more and more coordinated. The genitals are already formed, but it’s still difficult to tell the sex of a baby during ultrasound. However, in the 14th week of pregnancy it’s already possible to determine blood group and RH factor of the baby despite the fact that the blood is still not fully formed.

What do women feel?

14 weeks pregnant pictures

The mother’s-to-be belly rises higher and is already noticeably rounded. It’s still possible to conceal pregnancy under clothing. Lying on the couch, you can feel your uterus through the abdominal wall. If it is your second or third pregnancy, you can feel the baby’s movements. During the first pregnancy it’s ok to feel the baby’s first movements in the 18th-20th week.

Pregnant women begin to gain weight, but the reason is the increase in the volume of circulating blood. But now the expectant mother should moderate her appetites and keep to a healthy diet. Otherwise, the increase in weight will not go in your favor.

From this period, it is advisable to use some stretch mark creams or diy remedies. They will gradually make your skin more elastic, and you won’t have many stretch marks. Stretch mark creams for pregnant women are made of natural ingredients and are absolutely safe.

Psycho-emotional state of a pregnant woman comes to normal. At this time, the woman has almost fully accepted her new position. She is preparing for his new mission. Nervous breakdowns, mood swings are in the past: women become much calmer and peaceful.

Ultrasound at 14 weeks pregnant

Ultrasound can determine the sex of the baby and its size. Ultrasound at 14 weeks pregnant is a very informative method to assess the development of the fetus, as it is large enough for clear visualization of all structures. The main parameters that are measured by ultrasound at 14 weeks pregnant are:

  • the fetal length from head to coccyx;
  • biparietal diameter;
  • head circumference;
  • abdominal circumference
  • amniotic fluid volume;
  • placental location.

Pain in the 14th week of pregnancy

Toxicosis remained in the past. However, the 14th week of pregnancy often comes with some pain of an entirely different nature. The most common pains now are back pain and headaches. Pain in the back is a result of your love to high heels. Therefore, from the beginning of pregnancy the expectant mother should refuse this «stuff». Lower back pain also arise because of gradual weight and the offset of the center of gravity.

Headaches at 14 weeks pregnant can occur spontaneously and unexpectedly, and it is better to prevent them than to fight. You should have enough rest, do not overwork, keep to healthy diet and avoid noisy and smoke-filled rooms. If you have a headache — lie down in a cool, dark, well-ventilated room and massage the temples.

If you have some weak and blunt abdomen pain — it is due to the stretching of ligaments, which fix the uterus. However, if the pain is constant or occurs suddenly — it is a sure sign of hypertonicity of the uterus. You should immediately consult your doctor if abdominal pain is in the lumbar region, and accompanied with profuse watery vaginal discharge or bleeding.

Expectant mothers can feel periodic pain in the legs associated with muscle spasms. The reason for this is calcium deficiency. Consult your doctor and ask him about calcium supplements. To relieve pain at home you can do stretching exercises.

Vaginal discharge at 14 weeks pregnant

Light color vaginal discharge with a slightly sour smell indicates a normal pregnancy. Any changes of color and consistency (pus or mucus), cheesy discharge, which is accompanied with itching in the vaginal area, indicates infection. It can be candidiasis, vaginitis or vulvitis. These infections require mandatory treatment not only to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, but also in order to avoid fetus infections.

Bleeding is an alarming symptom. It indicates a high probability of pregnancy termination. If there is spotting not accompanied by abdominal pain after sexual intercourse or gynecological examination, it indicates the possibility of cervical erosion. It is also a sufficient reason to call your doctor. A timely response may prevent a miscarriage.

Diet recommendations for the week

pictures of 14 weeks pregnant belly

Your diet should be balanced, healthy and nutritious. From now on, it is also desirable to limit the foods that can cause allergic reactions and increase the risk of allergy development in your baby. Be careful with citrus, honey, eggs, cow’s milk, chocolate, bright orange or red vegetables and fruits. Avoid smoked and canned food.

Your body will require more protein because the muscular system of the baby is actively developing. Therefore, you should eat enough meet — better dietary rabbit meat, chicken, lean veal or beef. Eat fish to provide the body with phosphorus and healthy unsaturated fatty acids. If you have troubles with constipation — avoid pears, beans, and cabbage.

It is better to limit sweets and pastry: eat them only before lunch and in small quantities. Include nuts and seeds into your menu. They are a source of valuable fats, vitamins, besides they can be a hearty and healthy snack.

The early second trimester is characterized by active formation of bone apparatus of the baby. That is why it needs many minerals, particularly calcium. Even if you do not get enough calcium from your food, the baby will still receive it — at the expense of calcium from your bones, teeth, etc. However, it won’t have a positive impact on the your health. Without any doubt, you need additional calcium in your diet. Eat more cheese and yoghurt, drink milk.

Don’t drink alcohol! In the early stages of pregnancy, alcohol can cause pathologies in fetus. In the second trimester alcohol doesn’t have such a damaging effect, however, it is still dangerous. In the fourteenth week of pregnancy, alcohol can damage the bone tissue.

Cold and fever at 14 weeks pregnant

Catching a cold during the fourteenth week can cause further serious complications. It is very dangerous if the disease is accompanied by fever (38 degrees and above). In such a case, you need to see a doctor, who will prescribe treatment. If you caught a cold, you need bed rest. Use any pharmacy only with the permission of the attending physician.

Fiver may be a symptom of flu or toxoplasmosis. Inflammation of the urinary system, cystitis or pyelonephritis are also possible at 14 weeks pregnant. In any case of fever, you must consult a doctor. First, the doctor needs to find out the cause of disease and to prescribe the correct treatment. Long lasting fever is dangerous for pregnant women. It may lead to pathology of placenta, and to fetoplacental insufficiency. In case of contagious infections, there is also a risk of infection of the baby inside the womb.

If you have fever, drink much warm water.

Sex at 14 weeks pregnant

Now, when you have said goodbye to some unpleasant companions of the first trimester, I mean toxicity, drowsiness, and irritability, there comes a «golden age» of pregnancy. Sex at 14 weeks pregnant is not contraindicated; it is a good idea, if you don’t have any health problems.

14 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

14 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

14 week sonogram pictures

14 weeks ultrasound picture

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