The 29th week of pregnancy

29 week pregnancy pictures

29 weeks pregnant: what can I expect?

Continue doing your pelvic exercise this week. Pelvic exercises during your pregnancy can provide positive results such as greater strength and more flexibility. It can also help you in preventing and controlling incontinence during pregnancy. Pelvic floor muscle training is the best remedy to get a strong abdomen and prevent stress on the pelvic muscles during vaginal delivery.

Physical changes in you at week 29

  • Swelling and puffiness during pregnancy is certainly a normal and expected symptom. When excess fluids collect in your tissues, you may experience swelling of ankles and feet. To minimize the swelling you can put your feet up when you are sitting and avoid crossing your ankles. As weird as it may sound dehydration can increase the swelling, drink plenty of water to avoid puffiness of skin.
  • There are many changes happening in your body during pregnancy. Feeling hot and sweaty are common symptoms too. Have a cool shower, drink plenty of water and avoid spicy food when you feel sweaty.
  • Hormonal changes will make your breasts feel heavy, tender and sore. Your breasts will continue to grow throughout your pregnancy. If your nipples feel dry and cracked it’s a good idea to moisturize them. Wear a good supportive sports bra to feel comfortable and avoid push up bras at this time.
  • You are now in the third trimester and your belly is growing. You might find it difficult to bend to tie your shoe laces or pick up something from the floor. Bending unnecessarily might put a strain on your back. If you have to tie your laces sit on a chair and lift your feet up to tie laces.

Emotional changes in you at week 29

  • You may be anxious about premature labor during your pregnancy; studies show that women who are anxious are more likely to have a preterm labor. Emotional and psychological stress can be destructive for you and the baby. Pregnancy related worries and concerns can be answered with education. Speak to your doctor or midwife about the signs and symptoms of a normal delivery to reduce your worries about pregnancy.
  • You are particularly susceptible to stress during your pregnancy. Learn to prioritize during pregnancy, maternal and baby’s health comes first before jobs like planning house renovation. Examine what you need to do to help your baby and you – decide what other jobs can wait until later.
  • During pregnancy body image can be a major concern to women. You may start to feel unattractive in your partner’s eyes and might hate all the changes happening in your body. Loving your body through pregnancy and feeling good about yourself is the key to get through these kinds of emotional changes.
  • Mood swings are part of the pregnancy experience. All the hormonal and physical changes in your body can make you feel excited or stressed and overwhelmed about pregnancy. To manage mood swings get plenty of rest, learn to love your body, eat well and socialize with friends and family.

How’s my baby doing?

  • Your baby now weighs around 1.4 kilograms and measures about 38 centimeters from head to toe. Newborns usually weigh around 3.5 kilograms so your baby has a lot of catching up to do weight wise.
  • Your baby’s brain growth is rapid and its head is getting bigger. From 26 to 30 weeks your baby’s movements are going to get stronger. The space in your womb is getting less as each week passes.
  • Your chances of a healthy labor increase with each passing week. At 29 weeks your baby may not need a respiratory support if it is born.
  • At your antenatal checkups it will be difficult for your doctor or midwife to tell in what position is your baby lying by touching your belly. Baby’s bottom may feel like a head or vice versa.
  • The groundwork for your baby’s respiratory system is being laid now with bronchioles and alveoli increasing in number with each passing week.

Useful tips for you for week 29

29 weeks pregnant 3d ultrasound pictures

  • Your doctor will have ordered you some blood test to check your iron levels and to see if you have rhesus (Rh) negative blood. If you are Rh negative there’s a high chance that your blood is incompatible with your baby’s blood. This won’t harm your or your baby. If you have developed any antibodies then fortunately there’s an injection you can take called Rh immune globulin.
  • Choosing a baby name is one of the most exciting parts about your pregnancy. If you are still unable to decide on a final baby name then many parents leave the decision until after the baby is born. They believe looking at the baby; they will instinctively know what to name it.
  • If you have hemorrhoids weight training exercises are a bad idea. This is only going to put more pressure on your abdominal muscles and rectal area. Choose low impact exercise like yoga.
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