The 8th Week of Pregnancy. You and Your Baby

The 8th week of obstetric pregnancy corresponds to the sixth embryonic week. If to talk in months, it’s the end of the second month. At this time, most women already know about their status. Those who do not, may well guess, because at this time, all the pregnancy symptoms intensify. So what happens with the woman and the embryo at this time?

8th Week of Pregnancy

Your Baby in the Eighth Week

8 week fetus picture

Although your baby moves from time to time, you can’t feel it, as your fetus is still very small. Now your baby is like a raspberry. His length is 14−20 mm and he is acquiring human traits. The little tail is about gone. Eyelashes appear and cover the tiny eyes, the nose and upper lip come forward on the face. The phalanges of the little fingers continue to develop.

Rudiments of the major organs and systems are almost finished, now they will actively and rapidly develop. Some organs are already working. The heart is pumping blood, the valves of the aorta and pulmonary artery are also working. The nervous and respiratory systems continue to develop. In the brain, nerve cells are forming first primitive neural pathways.

The stomach and intestine are now fully formed and even produce gastric juice. The littles kidneys already produce urine. Sweat and salivary glands are not formed yet. Bone and muscle tissue is rapidly developing. Taste buds appear on the tongue. The 8th week is the time when optic nerves begin to form.

Eight Weeks Pregnant Women

8 weeks pregnant pictures

Knowing that she is pregnant, the expectant mother must strongly take care of herself and get rid of all bad habits. The 8th week of pregnancy is included in the so-called critical period of pregnancy, when any negative factors can influence the development of the baby and the health of the woman.

At 8 weeks pregnant — no alcohol and nicotine! No x-ray and dental treatment under general anesthesia. Refrain from carrying heavy loads, chose for a healthy and proper diet.

Starting from the 8th week of pregnancy, the risk varicose veins increases significantly. Hence, it is advisable to give up high heels, try not to be in standing position for too long. Relax with raised legs.It’s time to find a suitable lingerie, primarily a bra, because your breasts may have already significantly increased or they soon will. This is because of hormones that prepare your mammary glands for the upcoming lactation. Also under the influence of hormones, the condition of your skin can change: in some cases, skin becomes clean, elastic and healthy; in other cases, it becomes dry and flaky.

pictures of 8 weeks pregnant belly

At this period, expectant moms feel all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy «to the max». The most typical condition is toxicosis. Vomiting 1−2 times per day is considered normal. However, you need to fight against these side effects, following a specific diet. Women with severe toxicosis need medical help, because frequent vomiting can adversely affect the baby’s development.

The fetus is still very small — that’s why your weight haven’t changed much. Moreover, many women become slimmer because of toxemia manifestations.

If nothing in your condition worries you — just lead a normal life. You can do exercises, only slightly reduce your physical activity. Sex is allowed if there is no threat of miscarriage.

Many women in this period feel increased fatigue and nervousness. In order to avoid such unpleasant symptoms walk more in the fresh air. Pay special attention to nutrition. Vegetables, fruit, protein and dairy products must be in your daily menu. Exclude pastries, candy, coffee, and various allergenic foods.

8 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

8 weeks ultrasound picture

8 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures 8 week sonogram pictures

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