The 25th week of pregnancy

25 week pregnancy pictures

25 weeks pregnant: what can I expect?

At 25 weeks you are almost six months pregnant. You only have couple of weeks to go before the third trimester begins. You will now be feeling more confident about your pregnancy – because of all the new things you have learned, you’ll know what to expect.

Now would be a good time as any to do a list of baby things you will need. When you shop for baby clothes don’t buy more than six or seven jumpsuits because your baby will soon outgrow them. Make sure you get all the important things such as diapers, jumpers, car seat and stroller before hand. A last minute dash will only leave you more stressed and tired.

Physical changes in you at week 25

week 25 pregnancy fruit size

  • Pregnancy hormones can make your gums bleed and this is no time to avoid visiting the dentist. Bacterial infection from your mouth can reach your baby through the placenta or blood and can be harmful. To maintain good oral hygiene brush your teeth twice a day, floss and use a mouth wash to rinse your teeth. Avoid eating sweets and chocolates as this will worsen your teeth cavities.
  • Many women will experience pain in their ligaments and muscles during pregnancy. The hormone Progesterone will make the ligaments in your uterus soft to prepare them for childbirth. To deal with all the pains and aches you can have relaxing warm baths. Another option is to attend the physiotherapy classes at the hospital.
  • Now that you are 25 weeks pregnant you will feel hungry all the time. This is normal as the growing baby will need nourishment. One of the main stresses during pregnancy is weight gain. To avoid your weight getting out of control follow a healthy diet and exercise regime planned by your doctor. Avoid binging on junk food during this time as they have no nutritional value. It’s okay to indulge in them once in a while provided you are following a healthy eating plan the rest of the time.

Emotional changes in you at week 25

  • It’s common to be anxious about the birth during pregnancy. There are many reasons you could be worrying about the birth. If you have had children before, you will know what to expect. If this is your first pregnancy you will have no idea what to expect. Attend the birthing classes at the hospital where you will have a clear picture on a birthing plan and different pain medications.
  • Somehow for some inexplicable reason, when you are pregnant you are going to come across people that think they know much more about pregnancy than you do and will offer a lot of advice. Sometimes this advice is helpful and sometimes it may irritate you. To deal with unwanted advice you can always tell people politely, that your doctor told you not to do that.
  • You might be worried about premature labor that occurs before week 37 of pregnancy. If you have any concerns about delivering early speak to your doctor or call your hospital. It’s important to know what the signs of early labor are and ‘what to do’ in that circumstance.
  • At 25 weeks you might have forgotten your old life before the pregnancy started. You might be focused on the baby and might not have time to reflect on what things were like before your pregnancy.

How’s my baby doing?

pregnancy week 25 ultrasound

  • Your baby may now be lying in what’s called a breech position with its head up and bottom down. At this stage there’s a lot of place in your womb and the baby could be lying in any position that it feels comfortable. Don’t worry there’s sufficient time for your baby to get into position before the birth.
  • The baby now nearly weighs around 660 grams and is approximately 35 centimeters long from its head to heel.
  • At 25 weeks, your baby’s nostrils are described as patent, that means the nostrils are not closed liked they were in the beginning. There are quite a few changes happening in your baby’s lungs. The all important protein-lipid substance called surfactant produced by your baby’s lungs will be coating its tiny alveoli. This coating will help your baby’s lungs breathe and retain oxygen after birth.
  • At every antenatal visit your doctor or midwife will listen to your baby’s heartbeat and determine if your baby is doing well. If you wish you can invest in a Doppler instrument to listen to your baby’s heartbeat to monitor its health.

Useful tips for you at week 25

25 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

  • Wearing seatbelts can be uncomfortable during your pregnancy but it’s important you wear one whenever you are travelling in a car. Wearing a seatbelt will protect you and your baby from injury in the unfortunate event of an accident. Wear your seatbelt correctly. The lap strap should go under your tummy and across your legs, and the shoulder strap should go between your breasts and to the side of your tummy. Seatbelts should never go directly across your belly.
  • Smoking and second hand smoke can affect the health of your developing baby. There’s a higher risk of miscarriage and stillbirths because of this. You should try to stay away from second hand smoke as much as you can. If your partner smokes it’s a good idea to ask him not to smoke inside the house.
  • There are certain sleeping positions during pregnancy that’s best for your baby. Sleeping on your left side will benefit your baby by improving its blood flow. You can turn to your right to change positions in your sleep. Avoid sleeping on your back as this can put pressure on your spine and reduce circulation. This can worsen your aches and cause you to snore more.
  • Listen to your body and learn to trust your instincts. If you feel something that you are not sure of don’t hesitate to call your doctor or midwife. Any unusual bleeding or cramp like pains is all things that you should call your doctor about.
  • As much as you love sushi or oysters these are all foods you should stay away from because of bacteria like Listeria. Avoid uncooked foods because of the risk of bacterial infections.
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