First week of pregnancy: you are at the beginning of pregnancy marathon!

In modern medical science, pregnancy is reckoned from the first day of the last periods, therefore on the first week of pregnancy, there is no «real» pregnancy. The ovum, which is prepared for fertilization, ripens at this time. The uniqueness of a female body is in the fact that preparation for possible pregnancy begins on the first days of each menstrual cycle. At this time, the concentration of a female sexual hormone — progesterone — increases in blood. It takes two weeks for the ovum to ripen completely. As this ovum will become your child this phase is called the first week of pregnancy. After all, during this period the prototype of your future child is formed.

First week of pregnancy you are at the beginning of pregnancy marathon!

As a rule, ovulation comes on the 12th-14th day of a cycle: the ripened ovum leaves the follicle, preparing for fertilization. In practice, everything can happen a little differently. The ovulation can occur both on 7th-8th, and on 20th-21st days of a cycle depending on specific features of the woman’s body and duration of her cycle. Thus, the first week of pregnancy is the most mysterious and even phantom of all forty weeks because its calculation is made by obstetrician-gynecologists only theoretically.

pictures of 1 weeks pregnant belly

Approximately on the twelfth or fourteenth day the ripened ovum leaves the ovary and goes to a uterine tube where it meets a sperm. It is in in the top part of a uterine tube where fertilization takes place. In the course of connection of man and female cells, all information on future person is put in the existing genetic material, which consists of only one ovum and one sperm. Irrespective of the fact, which sex the future child will have, he or she will inherit half of all genetic characteristics from the mother and half from the father.

Pregnancy signs on the first week

1 weeks pregnant pictures

In fact, the first two weeks of «obstetric» pregnancy proceed under a veil of secrecy. Even the expectant mother doesn’t know yet that her ovum will be impregnated. Pregnancy signs are absent — no sickness or swelling of mammary glands.

The first week of pregnancy is extremely important if not decisive. Further development of a fetus and even the existence of pregnancy depends on how this week passes. It’s too early to think about such symptoms as morning nausea, intolerance of food or perfume flavors. There can be milky discharge (called leukorrhea), but you shouldn’t panic — it is harmless and quite admissible.

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The hCG level in blood isn’t so great on the first week of pregnancy. You cannot feel any changes, and it is normal. A pregnancy test, of course, will show negative result. You can get positive result not earlier than in 10−12 days.

Recommendations for the first week of pregnancy.

  1. The first week of pregnancy is the ideal time to give up all the habits detrimental to your health (if you didn’t do it earlier!).
  2. Taking any medicines should be done very carefully, as some medications can have negative impact on the formation of an embryo.
  3. During the described period, it is better to avoid any radiological researches of the area of your stomach and pelvis.
  4. You shouldn’t visit crowded places because of the maximum risk to catch various infectious diseases, which are often very dangerous to a future child.
  5. It will be excellent if future mother is able to spend much time in the fresh air, walking and enjoying the nature.
  6. At the very beginning of long months of your expectation positive emotions and good mood are especially important. Any stresses and unpleasant experiences will hardly be useful for both mother and future baby.
  7. During the first week of pregnancy, it’s important to limit any contacts with chemicals and also to refrain from electromagnetic impact on your body.
  8. You shouldn’t take new pets. Many cats are carriers of such disease, as toxoplasmosis. ‘Toxoplasma gondii’ bacteria can cause not only infection of mother, but can also become the reason of baby’s serious genetic defects. However if the cat has already lived in a family for a long time, it is highly probable that all women in this house already have the natural immunity protecting from this illness.
  9. During this period, any contacts with soil or sand, raw meat or fish aren’t desirable.
  10. At the beginning of your pregnancy, you need additional vitamins and mineral substances. However, before taking them consult your doctor.
  11. Folic acid can save your baby from various defects. Balanced food is especially useful.
  12. It’s a good idea to gradually limit yourself in the use of coffee, tea, chocolate and carbonated drinks. It is necessary to give preference to fresh vegetables and fruit, cottage cheese, low-fat meat and fish.

The first week of pregnancy — medical supervision

On the first week of pregnancy, it is worth visiting doctors, especially if future parents have any chronic diseases. It will be necessary to find appropriate therapy methods, which will be the least harmful to a fetus. Visit to a gynecologist and a specialist in geneticist are also obligatory. The gynecologist can appoint additional ultrasonic inspection in the interval between the fifth and eleventh day of a cycle to check the growth of follicles and to specify ovulation time.

1 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

1 week sonogram pictures

1 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

1 weeks ultrasound picture

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