The 24th week of pregnancy

24 week pregnancy pictures

24 weeks pregnant: what can I expect?

Your emotional health is as important as your physical well being during pregnancy. There can be tons of emotional changes in you – you are either excited, anxious or somewhere in between. This is perfectly normal and understanding what to expect and how to deal with it will go a long way in helping you to have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

Physical changes in you at week 24

week 24 pregnancy baby size

  • Hormonal changes during your pregnancy cause your body to produce fewer tears resulting in dry and irritated eyes. Not to worry like most side effects you can expect dry eyes to go away once the baby comes. Also try to cut down on staring at the computer screen all day. If you have to work on the computer take a five minute break every hour. If you are using contact lenses taking them out would relieve dry eyes.
  • Stretch marks show up during pregnancy because of the rapid growth or weight gain. They will show up mostly on your lower body areas like the thighs, buttocks or the abdomen. Massaging your skin with high quality creams containing Vitamin E or cocoa butter will prevent and reduce their appearance. The best time to moisturize your skin is after a warm shower when your skin is moist.
  • Your body goes through many remarkable changes during your pregnancy. You may develop small bumps around your nipples called Montgomery’s tubercules. These are glands of the breasts and not additional nipples. If this causes you discomfort you might want to get fitted to a more comfortable and supportive bra.
  • It’s common for women to have excess saliva production during pregnancy because of all the changes in the body. If excess saliva bothers you could spit it out in a tissue. Swallowing it is harmless and you could suck on mints to make swallowing saliva easier.
  • Sometimes the hormonal changes in your body can result in headaches. Dehydration, caffeine and working at the computer for long hours can worsen your headaches. Drink plenty of fluids and take sufficient breaks when working to control headaches.

Emotional changes in you at week 24

twin pregnancy at 24 weeks

  • As your tummy grows you will be one excited mummy. You will feel connected to your baby in a way no one else can understand. You will have thoughts of your baby smiling at you.
  • You might already have picked out a special nickname for the baby in your womb. You and your partner might be using this nickname to refer to your baby.

How’s my baby doing?

3d ultrasound pictures at 24 weeks pregnant

  • Your baby is growing rapidly and will now measure around 30 centimeters from crown (head) to its heels. It will weigh around 680 grams.
  • Your baby will have its own unique markers like finger prints, foot prints and DNA by now.
  • Your baby will have eyelashes and eyebrows forming this week. For some inexplicable reason newborn boys have longer lashes than girl babies.
  • Senses like touch, taste and hearing are all improving in your baby.
  • Technology has advanced so much that babies born at 24 weeks can survive outside the womb. However they will need extra care and attention to survive.

Useful tips for you for week 24

pregnancy ultrasound 24 weeks

  • Your doctor might ask you to have what is known as glucose screening test. This is to check if you have gestational diabetes. This blood test requires you to fast from 10pm in the night until 8am when the test is done. This test takes more than three hours where they ask you to drink a green fluid filled with sugar. Go prepared and if you feel queasy or tired inform the nurse immediately.
  • If you normally get your hair colored avoid using hair products with ammonia in it. Doctors say ammonia can enter the blood through the scalp and is not good for the baby. Ask your hair dresser to use ammonia free products on your hair.
  • Continue having Vitamin C in your diet. Lemon juice and cranberry juice are all high in Vitamin C. This will help prevent bacterial infection like UTI (urinary tract).
  • To avoid swelling in your ankles and feet don’t sit for long hours. When you sit, put up your feet on pillows, to prevent swelling.
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