Birch sap (birch water, birch juice) during pregnancy

Birch sap, birch juice or birch water is certainly a unique product. People collect birch sap in spring. Birch juice is especially tasty and useful at this time when all people — and most of all pregnant women — suffer from vitamin deficiency, seasonal colds, because the body is weakened and susceptible to all sorts of diseases after winter.

Birch sap (birch water, birch juice) during pregnancy

Treatment with birch water was practiced in the past centuries when there was no fast-acting medication. Now birch sap is, first of all, a sweet and delicious drink. The useful properties of birch sap are still used for medicinal purposes. The questions are:

  • Can pregnant women drink birch sap?
  • Are there peculiarities in the use of birch water in pregnancy?

Why is birch water useful?

Despite the apparent similarities with ordinary water, this drink has a richer mineral and vitamin composition, that’s why the usefulness of birch sap for human health is quite obvious. It is proved that birch water stimulates metabolic processes in the body and promotes excretion of carcinogens and toxins.

birch water

This natural spring drink is highly recommended for people with the diseases of the respiratory system, cough, and bronchitis, as well as with frequent headaches and abnormal liver function. In addition, birch water is useful for those who suffer from sciatica, arthritis, rheumatism or gout.

It is well known that regular consumption of birch water is beneficial to the process of stone splitting in the kidneys and bladder. This natural drink helps in the healing of wounds and ulcers.

Birch sap during pregnancy.

So, birch water is simply unique. But is it useful for expectant mothers? Yes, it is. Pregnant women can drink birch sap only if they are not allergic to birch pollen. This allergy is very rare. Still, if a pregnant woman is prone to such allergies, she mustn’t drink birch water.

Why is birch water useful for pregnant women?

Birch sap will be highly beneficial to a pregnant woman if she has a strong toxicosis. 3 cups to a liter of birch juice a day will help forget about the symptoms of toxemia.

Be careful: birch juice contains a lot of glucose.

Birch sap will help the expectant mother to cope with edema because it is diuretic. Drink a glass of birch sap instead of water three times a day and you will quickly forget about swelling and heaviness in the legs.Birch juice will also be useful if the pregnancy is accompanied by increased or lowered blood pressure. In this case, this natural product will act as a pressure regulator and will bring it to normal levels. What can be better for an expectant mother than a natural pressure normalizer? In this situation, drink half a glass of birch water before eating.

It should be noted, that birch water has one more useful feature for pregnant women. If you drink it in the last trimester and after delivery, it will increase lactation and promote weight loss, which is important for many women after childbirth. By the way, it is believed that it’s very useful for pregnant women to walk in the birch grove, as birch fills the person with positive energy.

When and how to collect birch sap for pregnant women?

Birch water is collected when the buds on the tree have begun to swell. At this time there is much sap in the birch. Stop collecting birch sap with the early blooming of the first flowers. We can talk about the useful properties of birch water only if it was collected in the forest, away from the polluted highways and cities, otherwise, the drink will contain heavy metals and won’t be useful.

birch sap

The most delicious and healing sap is harvested from old trees. Such birch sap has gathered all the useful natural properties. A small 2−3 cm deep hole is drilled in the trunk with a slight down slope, from where the juice will drain. Insert a plastic tube into the hole.

Collect no more than a liter of birch juice from one tree. After the juice is collected seal the hole with moss or a piece of felt. If during the collection you did everything correctly, the useful properties of birch sap will be completely saved.

So, drink birch juice during pregnancy, be healthy and gain positive emotions!

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