Planning Your Baby Shower

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A new addition to the family is always quite an exciting experience. A cute baby will put a smile on anyone’s face and fill the whole room with happiness and joy. So how do you we celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy to the family? Why not have a baby shower?

Planning for a baby shower is quite fun and exciting to do and it inspires a lot of creativity. It can be something simple or it you can also choose to go all out. A party that is special and unforgettable will always be one to remember after all. Experiment with different baby shower themes to see the one that suits your taste.

You can go for a traditional or the creative route when it comes to doing a baby shower. Give it your own unique style. You can even combine a bunch of different themes together. Check out some popular ideas listed below.


Fairytales character ideas and themes are all out there and are perfect for a baby shower. Cinderella and Snow White can be perfect for a baby girl, and Peter Pan for baby boys. Add in some colorful decorations to add some fantasy to the day.

Teddy Bear

Everybody loves Teddy Bears. They can be the perfect decoration for any baby shower out there. Any old and cute teddy bear will do for this party. Use the guest of honors’ favorite teddy bear as the piece of the day.

Baby Bottle

Use baby bottles as a centerpiece for the party if you want. Use them as containers for game prizes and you can even use them as cups or mugs to give some fun.

Nursery Rhyme

Nursery rhymes can be an awesome idea for a baby shower. Use characters such as Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, or even Mother Goose. Use pictures as decorations or even use a replica to add a little extra flare to this special day. Add some nursery rhyme inspiration when you send out the invitations to the event itself.

Diaper Theme

Send out diaper cut-out invitations. Have the guest bring diaper inspired gifts. This way you will be able to save up on diapers for quite some time when the little one comes.

Twin Themes

For twins, you can try doing a Noah’s Ark idea. All animals were paired into two. What can be perfect for items when a mom is expecting twins? Note on the invitations that the mom will be having two babies. That way all the guests will bring in two gifts that are the same kind or two different items.

Themes Of Color

For girls it is said that the color theme is pink and for boys it is blue.  These can be fun to do as well as other fun color ideas. Decorate the venue with color you chose. Put up colored ribbons and intertwine them with white ribbons . This gives off a look of elegance. If you do not know the sex of the baby, choose neutral colors such as green or yellow.

Doing a theme for a baby shower can give a little bit of coordination in regards to the things you will need. Themes can determine the food that needs to be prepared along with the design for invitations and decorations for the venue of your choosing.

Ultimately, it will help you decide on how you want the special baby shower to be for the day. Have fun planning your shower!

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