How to teach your toddler colors within a week

Learning colors is one of the biggest problems for toddlers. Many children do not know the names of the colors even going to the first grade. I want to propose a methodology of learning colors with children from 2 to 4 years old. At this age, children already have quite advanced speech, and therefore they develop not only visual, but also echoic memory.

How to teach your toddler colors within a week

This technique is designed for 7 days. Within 7 days, the children will learn the 7 basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, Indigo and violet.

Teaching the Colors of the Rainbow

Day 1. Red day.

On the first day of the week — on Monday I tell my child that during the week we will learn the colors of the rainbow. We paint a rainbow on a big piece of cardboard. The painted rainbow is placed somewhere in the child’s room. I name all the rainbow colors and tell my child that today we have a red day.

On this day, we deal only with red color: we construct a house using only red bricks, we read books with red covers, draw pictures using only red pencils (berries, apples, clothes, etc.).

During lunch, we also do not forget about our red day and use red napkins, eat from red plates and drink from red cups.

After day sleep, we play with a red ball.

During the day I try to pay attention to the red color as often as possible. At the end of the day, I give my child a kind of homework: He should choose red clothes for tomorrow.

Day 2. Orange day.

First, don’t forget to discuss the red clothes your child chose the previous day. Remind the child what you did yesterday to learn red color.

Tuesday is the orange day. Find orange color in your rainbow. Tell your child that orange is not only the name of the color, it’s also the name of a fruit. On this day, we listen to ORANGE SONG (you can find it on youtube). We discuss the song and draw a picture to it, using orange pencils.

We also play «Colored jars» game. Take any 2 containers, one mark as orange, the other — as red (I glue red and orange papers to them). Then I give the child different red and orange things. The task is to put the things into the containers depending on the color.

After sleep, we look at pictures of orange animals: squirrel, fox, tiger, and leopard. We discuss the color and name the animals.

The entire day is based only on the orange color! Don’t forget to give your child a task to find orange clothes for the next day.

Day 3. Yellow day

Yellow day

Wednesday is the yellow day. First, we remember the red day, and then discuss the orange clothes the child has chosen for the day. Then we name the colors of the rainbow that we have already learnt and I declare yellow day.

Today we make things of yellow plasticine: yellow cookies, sun, bananas, etc. In the street, we try to find and name all yellow things.

In the evening, we play «Find the thing» game. I describe red, yellow or orange things that we have in the house and the child tries to guess the thing and find it. Thus, we repeat the colors.

Day 4. Green day.

Thursday is the green day.

In the morning I announce that today is green day and that we are defenders of all the green things on the earth — defenders of nature. We remember what is green in nature: grass, leaves on trees, caterpillars, etc.

We find green color in the rainbow and repeat the colors we already know — red, orange and yellow. We go for a walk and name green things in nature. You may water the flowers in your garden or do anything else to help plants. Tell your child about protection of plants and nature in general.

Before lunch wash your hands and use green towels. After day sleep, we play with green toys, and build a house of green blocks.

After that, we play a game «Green visit». We imagine the situation that we are invited to the Green Kingdom. To go there, we should put on only green clothes and try to choose the best gift for the King of the Green Kingdom. Certainly, the present must be green.

Then I lay the table using only green saucers and cups and we eat some green salad or anything else that is green. At the table we remember other colors and speak about rules of behavior at the table and good table manners, because we are in the King’s palace and must be very well-mannered.

Day 5. Blue day

Friday is the blue day. In the morning, we find the blue color in our rainbow. Then we inflate blue balloons and attach them somewhere close to the ceiling to imitate the sky. I declare this day a blue one, and we remember where we can find the blue color. Then we draw a picture of the sky and speak about it.

In the evening, we play the «Drops» game. I make drops of different colors that we already know, and the child is to put the droplets into the cups of the same color — red, orange, green, уellow and blue

I give the child a home task: to find all blue toys in his collection.

Day 6. Indigo day

Saturday is the indigo day. We start the day with naming all the indigo things in our house. Then we go to our rainbow and name all the colors we know.

Then we play the «Toy Store» game. We find all the indigo toys and make a toy store. We also draw indigo money — only indigo money is accepted in our indigo toy store. I pretend to be the shop assistant and the baby buys the toys.

At lunch we use indigo napkins and speak about different indigo products — eggplant, blackberry, blueberry, grapes. During the day, I constantly pay attention to the indigo items. I buy my child an indigo toy on this day. In the evening, we make indigo flags.

Day 7. Purple day

Sunday is the purple day.

At the beginning of the day, we name all the rainbow colors. Now we know all the colors.

During the day, focus on the purple color: find it in clothes, toys, furniture. We go for a walk and draw a rainbow on the pavement with chalks. We name the colors, and then draw some pictures using only purple chalks.

In the evening, we draw two pictures. One of them is «Purple Town» and the other is «Colorful Town». We speak about the importance of each color in nature. I give the child seven candies — one of each color, we name the rainbow colors again and then put them in the «rainbow» order. I give my child a toy rainbow in a sign that he learned all the 7 colors.

Thus, within 7 days, the child learns 7 colors of the rainbow in the form of games, conversations and lessons. Every day I also try to wear clothes of the color that we learn. I’m very proud at the end of the week, because it really helps not only to learn the colors, but also to spend more time together and to arrange something special for my child.

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