Physical development for 2−3 year olds: activities and games

Physical development for 2−3 year olds activities and games

In this article about physical development we will answer the questions:

  • What physical skills should a 2−3 year-old child have?
  • What physical exercises are beneficial at this age?

Usually, 2−3 year olds can:

  1. Jump on the spot. Closer to three years — jump forward (but not all kids succeed in this physical activity).
  2. Learn to throw and catch a ball, throw the ball against the wall.
  3. Throw up an air balloon or a ball.
  4. Keep the balance.
  5. Imitate different movements of the animals that the mother shows.
  • To crawl forward (like a caterpillar) on the abdomen.
  • To imitate birds — to run around the room waving.
  • To stomp loudly like an elephant.
  • To swim like an octopus: lie on the back, raise arms and legs and wave them.
  • To jump up from the squat like a frog.
  1. Run fast, slowly, on toes.
  2. Sit on the floor and tap with the heels «like a drum».
  3. Dance.
  4. Pick up items from the floor stooping or squatting.
  5. Stretch the arms up, reaching for objects, which are positioned high.
  6. Carry bulky, but not heavy (!) things.

Physical activities for 2−3 year olds.

Here are some highly beneficial physical activities for 2−3 year olds.

  1. Walking barefoot on massaging surfaces.
  2. Moving around the room without touching things scattered on the floor (pillows, toys). You can gradually increase the tempo and the number of scattered objects.
  3. Walking on toes, closer to three years — on heels.
  4. Walking along a drawn line — nice for coordination development.
  5. Hanging on the turnichok.
  6. Walking on «bumps» (randomly scattered books).
  7. Climbing through the tunnel (purchased or built of chairs set in a row).
  8. Walking on hands.

Physical games for 2−3 year olds.

Playing «Catch Sunny Bunny» — the baby tries to catch the spot of sunlight, which his mom makes using her small mirror.

«Cat and mouse». While the cat is sleeping (imaginary cat or an adult) — children walk quietly. When the cat wakes up, children run quickly into the house.

The game «The Snail and its house». The child is on all fours with a pillow on his back. He turns into a snail, which carries its house on the back. The task is not to drop the house as long as possible crawling on all fours.

Collective games are also beneficial: led dance, trains, catch-up, etc.

For the normal physical development a kid also needs a healthy diet and routine.

Healthy food for 2−3 year olds.

The diet of a 2-year-old child is significantly different from the diet of a one-year-old baby. Try to give him all the necessary products. A child aged 1.5 — 2 years needs about 1400−1500 calories a day. At this age, depending on the child’s appetite, he needs four or five meals a day. The intervals between meals must be equal (about 3 to 4 hours). Teach your baby to chew food thoroughly.

The mode of the day

Try to keep to a daily routine. Your active baby needs to rest. Meals, arranged at a particular time, will promote good appetite. At the age of 2, a kid needs 12,5 — 13,5 hours of sleep. Day sleep is almost obligatory at this age. It can last up to 2.5 hours.

Child care

Be sure to teach your baby first hygiene rules. Show him how to wash the hands, brush the teeth and comb the hair. Kid furniture should match your child’s growth, it contributes to the formation of correct posture. The table should be in a light place to take care of your baby’s sight. The child should sit so that his back rests on the chair’s back and his legs are bent at right angles.

Try to walk with your kid often. Fresh air is especially necessary for a child’s body because its metabolic processes are more active.

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