Staph infection and MRSA symptoms in newborns

A baby can be infected with staph infection in the womb, while passing through the birth canal, in the hospital or at home (if hygiene is not respected). This infection can also be transmitted through breast milk, causing dysbacteriosis. Read more about Staphylococcus in breast milk.

Symptoms and signs of Staph infection and MRSA

mrsa symptoms picturesStaphylococcus manifests itself in different ways. Symptoms of staph infection will depend on where the staph lives and on its type. MRSA is the most dangerous type of Staph infection.

Staph infection symptoms can easily be confused with symptoms of other diseases.

  • Staph infection on the skin causes various lesions, abscesses, carbuncles and boils;
  • Staph infection in the mucous membranes (nose and throat) manifests itself through runny nose, cough and frequent sneezing — all the symptoms of the common cold;
  • Affected mucous can also manifest itself through conjunctivitis when the eyes turn red, water and fester;
  • Staph infection in the intestine leads to digestive disorders — watery, mushy stool with mucus. In this case the child will be very cranky and whiny because of the pain in the abdomen;
  • If the blood is infected — it is manifested in the lack of appetite, refusal of the breast milk, and change in the color of skin;

Common signs of staph infections also are

  1. vomiting,
  2. lethargy,
  3. lack of appetite,
  4. insomnia,
  5. fever

staph infection pictures early stages
The symptoms of staph are all visible and noticeable, but they are very often confused with ordinary skin rash, common colds or dysbacteriosis. So the staph in kids can only be detected with the help of laboratory tests.

Symptoms of staph infection in brief

Ok, let’s list the symptoms one more time

  • Rash on the body;
  • liquid stool (usually greenish in color);
  • frothy defecation;
  • skin injuries with pus;
  • redness of the skin;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • swelling of body parts.

Common complications of staph infection are: osteomyelitis, pneumonia, deep abscesses, endocarditis, toxic shock.

The symptoms of MRSA are the same as the symptoms of any other staph infection. Staphylococcus aureus treatment in infants is a very complex and lengthy process. The infant with MRSA infection symptoms must be urgently hospitalized. As a rule, in most cases sulfa drugs and antibiotics, enzymes, probiotics and various vitamins help to combat Staphylococcus aureus in infants.

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