The 33th week of pregnancy

33 week fetus pictures

33 weeks pregnant: what can I expect?

Your baby’s jabs and kicks may be more forceful in the third trimester. As you are nearing your due date you might be counting the frequency of your baby’s kicks and taking pleasure in your baby’s movements. At week 33 you might be waiting for your baby’s arrival with eager anticipation.

Physical changes in you at week 33

33 weeks pregnant belly pictures

  • Urinary leakage or incontinence as its known isn’t a fun topic to talk about – it can embarrass you in public. It’s not as uncommon as you think, but most pregnant mums don’t like to discuss about urinary incontinence. During your pregnancy the muscles that support your bladder are weakened resulting in a small amount of urine leakage when you laugh, sneeze or lift something heavy. To deal with urine leakage you have incontinence pads available in the supermarket today. The best way to deal with this is to do pelvic exercises that will strengthen those weak bladder muscles.
  • Changes in hormones and fluid retention can affect your vision during pregnancy. These changes can cause the thickness of your cornea to increase slightly. If you are used to wearing contact lenses, you might find that you are not able to see clearly as you used to. It’s a good idea to stop wearing lenses until your delivery. This isn’t the best time to get new prescription glasses because the vision changes are minor and they are transitional. Most of you vision problems will disappear after you deliver your baby.
  • You may experience heartburn throughout your pregnancy. Though a harmless condition that burning feeling in the chest can be uncomfortable. All the hormones coursing through your body relaxes the abdominal muscles allowing the gastric acids to reach your esophagus. To get relief from heartburn stay away from spicy food, caffeine, acidic foods and greasy foods. Check with your doctor first before you take over the counter medicines for heartburn.
  • In your final trimester Braxton Hicks contractions will come more frequently. These contractions are designed by nature to prepare you for the real labor contractions. Braxton Hicks contractions usually last a minute or two. If the contractions are painful and close together call your doctor immediately as it could be sign of real labor. If the Braxton Hicks contractions are making you feel uncomfortable try walking or use the breathing techniques taught by your midwife in the birthing class.

Emotional changes in you at week 33

33 week sonogram pictures

  • Changing moods are a common part of your pregnancy. The emotional stress in your third trimester can bring about feelings of unattractiveness. Talk to your partner about how you feel or talk to a supportive friend who won’t judge you.
  • All the emotional changes like anxiety, guilt and mood swings may give you insomnia in the last stages of your pregnancy. Sleeplessness is not good for you and it’s only going to make you feel worse. Having a relaxing warm soak, a glass of warm milk or reading a book might help you sleep in the night.

How’s my baby doing?

  • The amniotic fluid in your sac will peak at 33 weeks of your pregnancy before it reduces by 35 weeks. There is roughly around a liter of amniotic fluid for your baby to float in and this is a good sign – it indicates your baby’s kidneys are working well and it’s producing around 500 ml a day.
  • Your baby’s lungs continue to mature rapidly although it will be a while before it’s completely mature. The all important protein lipid complex called surfactant is still being laid in your baby’s lungs and is helping it breathe. If your baby were to be born now, it would still need some help to breathe. This is the reason why doctors give you an injection of cortisone to help the baby’s lungs mature.

Useful tips for week 33

33 week ultrasound pictures

  • Having a baby can cost a small fortune. If you haven’t been working during your pregnancy you might be figuring out the best way to save some money. Putting aside some money each week in your savings account is the easiest way to save money that can be used when the baby is born. Cut down on unnecessary expenditure and don’t buy more maternity clothes than you need.
  • You might think of your pets as family, but your pets may carry diseases which can endanger your unborn child. You might hate to hear this but start putting your pets outside the house especially if they are used to sharing the house.
  • The best way to check if your baby is doing well is to track its movements. Enjoy your baby’s movements in the last trimester of your pregnancy. You may notice your baby’s activities getting frantic especially after you have eaten. If you notice a difference in your baby’s patterns call your doctor.
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