What not to eat during pregnancy?

The diet of pregnant women (as well as of women planning pregnancy) should only consist of natural foods, fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating foods with E-additives. Some of these additives are very unhealthy for pregnant women, for example: E-102, E202, E122.

What not to eat during pregnancy

Which products are unsafe while pregnant?

  • Some cheeses.

During pregnancy don’t eat white and blue mould cheese, such as Roquefort, Camembert, brie, etc. All of these cheeses sometimes contain Listeria — bacteria that might harm your child.

  • Undercooked meat and eggs

Pate, steak with blood, raw or undercooked meat and eggs — all of these are possible sources of bacteria that could negatively affect the baby’s development. When eating boiled eggs and meat, make sure they are cooked correctly. Don’t forget that some homemade dressings and sauces, and also tiramisu are made with raw eggs.

  • Some seafood

Raw seafood, namely oysters, is also contraindicated for pregnant women. Shark, swordfish or marlin have unsafe levels of natural mercury. This unsafe chemical element can also be found in tuna.

  • Sushi

It’s better not to eat sushi while pregnant as raw fish or fish that has not gone through a thorough heat treatment can be a source of infestation.

  • Mushrooms

Don’t eat many mushrooms during pregnancy. They’re heavy to digest and there’s always a risk of getting food poisoning.

  • Much butter

Do not overeat butter and liver of some fish (sea bass, cod), because they may contain large amounts of retinol (vitamin a). Retinol in normal doses is essential for embryonic development, but the excess of this vitamin can be harmful to your developing baby, as it can cause birth defects in fetal development.

  • Some drinks.

You should stop drinking alcohol. Coffee, strong tea, Cola are also not recommended for expectant mothers. More than 200 mg of caffeine per day is contraindicated for pregnant women. Also avoid unpasteurized milk.

  • Beware of starchy foods

Starchy foods, namely potatoes, are an important part of your diet, but try to stew or to steam them. When you roast or grill starchy foods, they produce harmful transgenic fats. Avoid chips while pregnant!

Try not to eat many biscuits and readymade food as they contain acrylamide. Numerous studies show that it affects the weight of your baby. Avoid fried, fatty, salty and sweet products. They can negatively affect the gastro-intestinal tract and increase your toxicosis, they affect the weight gain of a pregnant woman and cause swelling.

Hot spices can cause severe heartburn and digestive problems.

If you have no allergies, you can eat any vegetables and fruits. You can also eat oranges, chocolate, nuts and strawberries, but in reasonable quantities. Be careful for unripe papaya fruits have poisonous properties, pineapples in large quantities promote the excretion of fluids from the body and stimulate uterine contraction, grapes can cause excessive weight gain. Watermelon and melon may cause poisoning and intoxication in pregnant women. Also avoid unpasteurized fresh juice, as it may contain different harmful bacteria. Juice in bottles and boxes is safe.

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