What happens in the second week of pregnancy?

At this stage, the egg is fertilized. A woman’s body protects the egg and stores it in a special bubble. Over time, this bubble grows and begins to stand out in the ovary. This is necessary in order to prepare for ovulation — when sperm unites with the ovum through the fallopian tube. Conception occurs at the end of the second week of pregnancy, but there are cases when ovulation starts in the third week.

What happens in the second week of pregnancy

In order to be confident in conception, you need to prepare your man to sexual intercourse. He should refrain from sexual intercourse and masturbation for 3−4 days to increase the concentration of sperm in the semen. A woman shouldn’t take medicine (antibiotics, hormones, anti-inflammatory candles), which affects vaginal microflora. You shouldn’t use lubricants while sexual intercourse, because sperm can die in this chemical substance.

Before you begin sexual intercourse, discuss all poses. For this purpose, missionary pose and back pose are most suitable. After ejaculation, the woman should not stand up, you need to put your feet up on the wall and lie in this position for at least 20 minutes. It is necessary that the sperm goes down.

2 weeks pregnant pictures

The first two weeks of pregnancy have their own specifics. During these weeks, the woman is not actually pregnant. Fertilization occurs after the maturation of the follicle and the occurrence of ovulation. Pregnancy begins, if the ovum is successfully fertilized. Thus, the first two weeks of pregnancy are the follicular phase in which the woman is only potentially pregnant.

Pregnancy testing in the second week

pictures of 2 weeks pregnant belly

In the second week, your pregnancy test will show that you are not pregnant in 95% of cases. This is due to the fact, that the egg is not yet entrenched in the woman’s uterus. Only those pregnancy tests that show the occurrence of ovulation can be relevant in this period, though we should not forget, that ovulation is not conception, it only encourages further fertilization.

On the second week, your period ends and it’s the most beneficial time for conception — the time of ovulation. The sign of ovulation is vaginal discharge, white or pink. You should also know that minor bleeding can testify that the egg is attached to the wall of the uterus.

Pain and other symptoms on the second week

Strong and pronounced pain in the abdomen on the second week of pregnancy requires referral to a specialist. In most cases, doctors will assure you that slight pain is normal and natural during ovulation period.

On the second week of pregnancy, a woman still does not feel any special signs of pregnancy, except a slight heaviness in the lower abdomen. Moreover, a woman may not even suspect pregnancy, if she didn’t plan it. A pregnant woman begins to feel her pregnancy on the 5th-6th week, when the embryo is already entrenched in the uterus, and begins the further growth and development within a woman.

What does the fetus look like in the second week?

2 week fetus picture

In this period, the fetus exists only in the form of an egg, which is placed in the follicle. When fertilization occurs, the female egg joins the male sperm, which, when embedded in the uterus, is the onset of pregnancy. If fertilization does not occur as expected, the woman has a miscarriage in the second week. It is not a real miscarriage, as there is no real fetus; it is only unsuccessful attempt to become pregnant.

For the reason, that actual pregnancy of a woman hasn’t occurred yet, it doesn’t make sense to pass any pregnancy tests in the second week of pregnancy, as the fertilized egg is not yet entrenched in the woman’s uterus. There is also no increase in HCG. It’s possible to identify the increased levels of the hormone progesterone, because in this period a woman’s body produces it very rapidly, as this hormone is responsible for preparing the uterus for the fetus and the formation of placenta. In the second week of pregnancy, there is no need to do an ultrasound examination, because the egg is still very small.

2 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

2 weeks ultrasound picture 2 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures 2 week sonogram pictures

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