The sixth week of pregnancy. Mother and her baby

The sixth obstetric week is the fourth week from conception. Remember that obstetric pregnancy lasts 280 days or 40 weeks and begins before conception and real appearance of a fetus inside you. That means, if it’s 6 weeks since menstruation delay your — pregnancy is 9−10 weeks, but not 6!

sixth week of pregnancy

Baby at 6 weeks pregnant

6 week fetus picture

On the sixth week of pregnancy, a baby continues to grow: this week it reaches 2−4 mm in length from crown to rump. The volume of the surrounding amniotic fluid is 2−3 ml. Now your baby is like a little tadpole — it even has a tail!

In the 4th week of a fetus development and in the sixth week of your pregnancy, the embryo’s heart begins to work. Sometimes it happens a little earlier or later. A baby’s heart is very primitive now and looks like a small tube. Using high-quality ultrasound equipment, you can hear it beating.

The heart and muscles of a baby carry out the work, which is controlled by the brain. The heart, however, is still not mature, but the process of blood circulation is already working through the liver. It produces blood cells that arrive at different parts of the heart.

On the face of a baby, there are two tiny cup-shaped forms with pigment disks inside. This is the beginnings of the eyes — the optic vesicles. Buds of limbs and some internal organs — lungs, liver and spleen — appear. The inner ear and larynx are partially formed. Now your baby can’t hear and see, but he is already beginning to feel. The fetus has no bones yet, but there are cartilaginous structures, from which bones will develop.

The immune system of a baby begins to form. A fetus gets the opportunity to move and react to external stimulation. Moreover, thanks to the umbilical cord that goes from the umbilical ring to the placenta, a baby has freedom of movement.

Genitals are not yet formed and are in their infancy. It is still not possible to determine who it is — a boy or a girl. Lungs, stomach, liver and pancreas continue to develop. Also in the sixth week of pregnancy the thymus gland is forming. It is an important organ of the human immune system.

What happens in a woman’s body in the sixth week?

pictures of 6 weeks pregnant belly

At this period, pregnancy symptoms become more obvious. Your weight can start to increase. However, if a woman suffers from toxicosis, she can even lose weight. The breasts continue to ache. The body of each woman is individual, so in the sixth week of pregnancy symptoms in different women can vary.

Pregnancy signs in the 6th week

6 weeks pregnant pictures

Some women feel peace and serenity, others — drowsiness and fatigue. Many pregnant women suffer from toxicosis. Some have a craving for certain foods. Usually it’s something with a very specific taste, either very salty or too sweet. However, the most frequent symptoms in the 6thweek of pregnancy are:

  • daytime sleepiness;
  • fatigue;
  • physical discomfort;

All these are associated with hormonal changes, in particular with a sharp increase in progesterone. Fatigue, in most cases, disappears before the 14th week. However, it is likely to return in the last weeks of pregnancy.

  • salivation;
  • nausea and vomiting in the morning;
  • increased sensitivity of nipples;
  • breasts become heavier;

This is because the body begins to prepare the breasts for milk production.

  • frequent urination;
  • headaches;
  • mood swings and irritability.

The sixth week of pregnancy may be associated with some quite unpleasant phenomena such as abrupt cessation of toxicosis or drawing pain in the lower abdomen. If you are experiencing something similar, then you definitely need to see a doctor.

Advice and tips for expecting mothers in the 6th week of pregnancy

Only a doctor can give individual advice to the expectant mother in the sixth week of pregnancy. Nevertheless, it is also possible to provide some general tips.

  • Take special vitamins for pregnant women.

While pregnancy lack of folic acid, vitamins D, C, E and B12 and excess of vitamin A are especially dangerous. Choose and take vitamins only following the recommendation of your attending physician-obstetrician. Try to take them in the period when you don’t have nausea.

  • Change your eating habits.

Eat in smaller doses, but often, about 6−7 times a day. Dine shortly before going to bed.

  • Try to drink more.

Together with nausea and vomiting, the body loses a lot of fluid, so it is important not to forget to replenish its supplies.

  • Avoid sharp smells.

It is advisable not to use perfumes. If you use cleaners and powders with irritating smell, try to protect yourself from them.

  • Get plenty of rest.

Go to bed early, don’t stay up late, especially in front of your computer. Do not overload your body, avoid fatigue. All these can adversely affect your condition. Learn about vacation options for pregnant. Take care of your emotional health. Try to relax. If you are unable to do it yourself, then refer to a therapist. A professional will help you get rid of accumulated stress and unload emotionally.

  • Sex in the sixth week of pregnancy is permitted.

If there are no medical contraindications, then sex is ok. Sex won’t harm the baby, as it is protected by layers of connective, muscle and adipose tissue and is surrounded by amniotic fluid.

  • Control your blood pressure and weight.

At this stage, your blood pressure can be a little lower than usual. High pressure is a reason to consult your doctor.

6 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

6 week sonogram pictures

6 weeks ultrasound picture

6 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

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