The seventh week of pregnancy

The 7th obstetric week of pregnancy corresponds to the fifth week of your baby’s life inside you. During this period, hormonal changes continue and pregnancy symptoms become more pronounced.

the Seventh week of pregnancy

Your baby in the 7th week of pregnancy

7 week fetus picture

Your baby’s tiny face is forming now; you can see small eyes, nose and mouth. The gastrointestinal tract is actively developing, thin and thick gut appears. Pancreas gains the ability to produce insulin. Your baby’s liver now has bile ducts.

The brain becomes more active. The umbilical cord is forming, which connects the fetus with the wall of your uterus. Your cervix remains in a relaxed state. The uterus produces a layer of mucus that protects the fetus from external impacts. Your baby’s size of is about 8 millimeters (0.31 in) and its weight is 0.8 grams.

Your baby’s heart is divided into left and right atrium. In the 7th week of pregnancy, it undergoes further development. The heart is gaining new strength for active blood pumping. This helps in the formation of larger blood vessels.

the Seventh week of pregnancy

The formation of lungs, kidneys, bronchi, and endocrine glands continues. At this stage of pregnancy, internal and external ear, eyelids, the pigment in the retina and the iris are formed. The baby’s eyes are now far from each other, but with time, they will get closer. The upper lip and jaw also begin to form. The nervous system of the embryo is actively developing and improving.

Baby hands develop faster than legs. In the seventh week little palms and even rudiments of fingers appear. Embryos begin to move this week, but you can’t feel it yet.

7 weeks pregnant pictures

This week, it is possible to learn the sex of your baby. However, the results of the ultrasound may not be reliable, because the sex glands of your baby are only beginning to turn into ovaries or testes.

What do women feel at 7 weeks pregnant?

pictures of 7 weeks pregnant belly

  • Pregnancy symptoms in the 7th week.

Nausea and dizziness, fatigue and drowsiness, extremely good or bad appetite, change in food preferences, visible veins on the breast and constant mood swings are basic signs of pregnancyin the seventh week, as well as emotional outburst, imaginary fears, excessive salivation, digestive problems, constipation and darkening of nipples.

Seven weeks pregnant women are often in bad mood. They feel unsatisfied about their current body status. Many new symptoms interfere with their normal life. At this time, many expectant mothers have constipation, heartburn and bloating. Some have periodic insomnia. Many suffer from early toxemia.

Many pregnant women also suffer from headaches. They appear at different stages of pregnancy. If earlier you could use tablets to cope with pain, now you can’t, as they may adversely affect the health and development of the embryo.

  • The uterus

The mother’s body is trying to adjust to her baby. Your increasing uterus provides for comfortable dwelling for the embryo. The growing fetus requires more and more space. In the 7th week, your uterus doubles in size. Now your uterus size is like a large orange.

  • Pain in the abdomen

Many women complain of unpleasant pain on both sides of the abdomen. Gynecologists say this is normal for pregnant women. Constant tension of the uterus ligaments causes this pain. It is not dangerous. However, if you feel pain in the lower abdomen, consult your doctor, especially if the pain is sharp or drawing.

If you feel even slight pain, do not wear shoes with high heels and do not take baths. You can take a shower instead, but not hot!

  • Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge in the 7th week requires special attention. Bloody, beige, greenish, brown, yellowish and gray discharge can be dangerous, as well as thick and frothy discharge of any color. If you feel constant itching, soreness and irritation of genital organs, urgently consult your gynecologist. White discharge is not dangerous. It is the result of active hormone secretion.

  • Cold in the 7th week of pregnancy

At this time, catching cold is very undesirable. Any disease may affect the development and formation of the major systems and organs of the baby. Severe cough can cause hypertonicity of the uterus. Stuffy nose prevents necessary supply of oxygen to the embryo. Fever also negatively affects the fetus.

For a positive pregnancy, you should consult your doctor about any diseases. You should know, that many traditional medical supplies and methods of treatment are strictly prohibited for pregnant women.

  • Sex

If a woman’s uterus is in a stable condition and there is no threat of miscarriage, sex is allowed in the seventh week of pregnancy.

  • Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the seventh week. Alcohol in the mother’s blood causes great harm to the embryo in the first trimester. Active development of brain, nervous system and other vital systems and organs of the baby happens in the 7th week of pregnancy. All these processes are easily disturbed by alcoholic beverages. The result of mother’s alcohol abuse can be fetal alcohol syndrome.

  • Your diet at 7 weeks pregnant

In the 7th week of pregnancy, it is very important to add foods rich in calcium to your diet. Active development of milk teeth rudiments in the embryo happens at this time. Do not overdo! Calcium abuse during pregnancy is dangerous for the baby’s health, as it can lead to uterus hypertonicity.

Many women, who suffer from toxicosis, completely lose appetite. To alleviate this condition, doctors recommend having little snacks in bed before getting up. Remember that cabbage and legumes contribute to increased flatulence. Therefore, avoid these foods.

Fresh foods, complex carbohydrates, fats and animal protein must be in the diet of a pregnant woman. Limit spicy food, different smoked, sweet and salty products. Healthy fats and carbohydrates can give you the same energy, and your baby will get everything for active development and growth. It is very useful to walk in the fresh air and do gymnastics for pregnant moms.

7 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

7 week sonogram pictures

7 weeks ultrasound picture

7 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

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