Simple ways to increase female fertility

Fertility is a term, familiar to all couples who are trying to have a baby. It is the ability of a body to produce offspring. For women this ability is connected with two basic functions — conception and bearing. Unfortunately, not all women can cope with the two functions easily. We can get help from nature and common sense.

Simple ways to increase female fertility

How to increase female fertility easy?

Before listing some simple rules that increase female fertility, I’d like to focus on the factors that significantly reduce fertility. Sometimes it’s really enough to get rid of them to get pregnant.

  • Alcohol abuse and smoking

They are in the first place — really nothing new. If you are trying to get pregnant and especially if you can’t — no alcohol and tobacco!

  • Excess weight

It can also cause the inability to conceive or give birth to a child. But you should mind you physical activity: on the one hand, low mobility is bad, on the other — excessive exercise can change healthy metabolism in the body, which also does not increase fertility. Preference should be given to yoga. It is especially recommended to pay attention to stretching.

  • Stress

I can’t but mention stress. It’s the most common cause of miscarriages.

Now let’s talk about some easy things that can contribute to a successful pregnancy.

Means to increase fertility — TOP 5

Royal jelly1. Royal jelly is one of the most valuable bee products, which is used in apitherapy. Royal jelly has beneficial effects on fertility (male and female). It contains a significant number of amino acids, vitamins and micro / macronutrients, various beneficial hormones — progesterone, estradiol and testosterone. Royal jelly has a good impact not only on reproductive system, but also on the whole body.

Raspberry2. Raspberry and its leaves contain phytohormones, which have a beneficial effect on female hormones. In addition, raspberries can cope with painful menstruation, uterine bleeding and inflammatory processes. Raspberry improves ovarian function, which is especially important while pregnancy planning. However, it’s strictly contraindicated to drink a decoction of raspberry leaves during pregnancy. Raspberry is only used for getting pregnant!

Vitex3. Vitex — no, it is not just another name of newfangled drug. It’s an evergreen tree. Vitex leaf extract helps to reduce the level of the hormone prolactin that prevents implantation of the egg on the uterine wall.

Green tea4. Green teais a natural antioxidant, which can spur the body. Many studies, held around the world, confirms the fact that women, who regularly drink green tea, get pregnant almost 2 times easier. However, excessive consumption of green tea can impair the absorption of folic acid, that is very important while pregnancy. Just drink green tee instead of black tea — this will be enough; do not drink more than you actually want.

Water5. Water! Yes, pure water. If the body lacks for water, not only blood gets thicker and unhealthier, but also cervical mucus produced by the cervix. Without healthy environment of mucous membranes, conception becomes less easy, since it’s difficult for the sperm to reach the egg, and for the fertilized egg to get down the fallopian tubes. Drink about 2 liters of clean water a day; you can even add some lemon juice, which is rich in natural antioxidants and in vitamin C.

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