Security essentials for babies under one year

Before the birth of the child, most moms and dads fantasize, what games they will play with their baby, what talents they will try to develop. Sometimes learning the basics of child safetyremains outside their attention. Meanwhile, this aspect is even more important than exercising and practice of early reading. Here are some basic rules, ensuring the safety of children under one year.

Security essentials for babies under one year

1. The time that the child spends without your supervision is directly proportional to the number of unpleasant incidents. Try to arrange your life so that in the first year to pay as much attention to your baby as possible.

2. Choosing clothes for a newborn, pay attention to hygiene and environmental friendliness of the materials, from which the things are made. Children furniture (especially baby cots as injuries in cots are most common) and car seats must also meet safety standards.

3. In the car, the baby should always be in the car seat. If crying, try to distract the baby with toys, or breastfeed, without removing the baby from the seat, or stop and wait until the baby calms down.

4. Monitor the child’s communication with pets. Even if the animal is kind, it can accidentally injure the child, so let interaction between your baby and the pet take place under your strict guidance during the first year of life.

5. If you plan to carry the child in a sling, then try different ways of winding, Mind the position of the child! Abnormal position of the baby in a sling in the first months of life can even cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). If you use a sling or other device for carrying the child, wear only comfortable flat shoes or low heels.

6. If the baby sleeps with the parents, it is recommended to buy a high quality bed mattress. Do not use pillows and heavy blankets, as the child can accidentally suffocate under them. Parents who smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs mustn’t sleep in one bed with the baby.

7. During breastfeeding, limit the use of alcohol and drugs (accept only those allowed during lactation).

8 If your doctor has prescribed your baby drugs and you doubt the validity of this recommendation, consult another specialist.

9. Do not overdo with dynamic gymnastics — such fun often turns out to be quite traumatic.

10.While bathing, the baby should not be left in the bath unattended, even if he already sits confidently. If you are nervous, bathing the baby, and you think that he can slip out of your hands, buy a special child rubber ring on the neck and your child will be insured against accidents. You can use a special anti-slip mat or a special seat — all these will make bathing safer. If you use a plastic baby bath, don’t put it on a stool or a washing machine — it’s pretty unsafe.

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