Mother and baby in the 10th week of pregnancy

This is the final stage of embryo development, the baby’s cardiovascular system begins to work actively, and the brain develops at an incredibly high speed. However, it is still very difficult to identify the sex of the baby. To do this, your doctor can identify the predominant hormone: estrogen or testosterone. Your embryo turns into a full-fledged fetus, his bones and joints are already formed. The baby changes his position for a more comfortable inside you, in a bubble filled with amniotic fluid.

10th week of pregnancy

Your embryo in the 10th week

10 week fetus picture

In the 10th week of your pregnancy, all fundamental organs and systems of your embryo are formed. From this time, they will only grow in size. The risk of abnormalities development reduces from now on, and many factors that threatened your baby in the previuous 10 weeks of your pregnancy are not so dangerous for him now.

Now the size of your fetus is 30−40 mm, and it weighs 5 grams. Though your embryo is still almost transparent and has no hair, he looks like a little human. The little heart is already working — the heart rate can now reach 150 beats per minute.

The arms and legs are already formed. The baby has toes and fingers, knees and elbow joints. The little ears and mouth are also formed. Your baby is even able to close and open the mouth, to touch his face and put his fingers into the mouth. He does like doing this!

10 weeks pregnant pictures

The brain develops incredibly quickly this week. Approximately 250,000 neurons develop each minute! Thus, the nervous system is already completely divided into central and peripheral.

Now the baby is laying the beginnings of milk teeth, so it is necessary for pregnant women to consume more calcium. Intestine, rectum and bile ducts of your baby are almost completely developed. The liver, lymphatic and immune systems continue to evolve.

If you have a boy, his testicles have begun to produce the male hormone testosterone.

Changes in your body in the 10th week of pregnancy

pictures of 10 weeks pregnant belly

  • Hormones.

A mother-to-be may have difficulty with her emotional state — there are mood swings and tearfulness. All this is due to the increase in the number of hormones in the blood. The hormones also cause weight gain, weakening of the soft tissues and enlargement of the thyroid gland. Toxicosis gradually recedes. Fatigue is almost imperceptible. Approximately in the 12th week, your morning sickness will completely disappear.

  • Belly at 10 weeks pregnant

Although more than two months have passed from the conception and the embryo have been actively growing, your belly is still not noticeable to others. However, it may slightly increase because of bloating and gas, which are characteristic for the 10th week. Some expectant mothers may notice a pigment stripe on the belly. It appears because of enhanced synthesis of melamine. By this week, your weighе gain can be about 2 kg (4lbs). You gain weight because your blood amount increases, your uterus grows, and your breasts are preparing for further lactation.

  • The uterus

The uterus at 10 weeks has the size of a large apple or a grapefruit. It no longer fits in the pelvic cavity. That’s why it rises above the pubic symphysis. Gradually, the uterus will climb even higher and you’ll be able to feel it with your hands.

  • Tests and analysis to do in the 10th week

Most often at 10 weeks pregnant, the woman already knows about her pregnancy. Now is the time to consult your doctor if you haven’t done so. You will have some tests and analyses that are necessary at this period, namely, the general blood test, urinalysis, and blood sugar test. At this stage, doctors pay much attention to blood sugar levels, this is highly important for women over 25 years old and for overweight pregnant women or for those, who have relatives with diabetes mellitus. In addition, the blood test will show the level of testosterone in your body, which is usually slightly increased in pregnant women.

It’s time to learn your and your man’s blood types and rh factors. After all, there is always a risk of a rhesus conflict. It happens most often when the woman is rh negative and the man is rh positive. If you are in such a situation, you will be carefully watched. You will have to periodically test your blood for antibodies that are produced because of a rhesus conflict. If your baby will get the father’s blood, that is if his rh factor is positive, your body may think your fetus is a foreign invader and begin rejection. Before and after giving birth, you’ll need some injections of immunoglobulin, otherwise you will run a high risk of miscarriage in the next pregnancy.

If the doctor is afraid of a possible miscarriage, he can assign you a blood test for hCG. The level of human chorionic gonadotropin increases gradually in pregnant women from the moment of embryo fixation in the uterus. Dynamics of hCG level will show if your pregnancy normally develops.

  • Ultrasound in the 10th week of pregnancy.

As for ultrasound, if nothing threatens your pregnancy, you’ll have an ultrasound examination later — in the 12th week. Learn about pregnancy ultrasound schedule.

During ultrasound examination in the 10th week you can really see your tiny baby. He is not just a dot any more. He looks like a little human. Now your baby is like a plum. However, he already has arms and legs. During ultrasound examination, you may notice that your baby moves his tiny arms and legs, bends them, or even sucks his thumb!

  • Pains in the 10th week.

In the first months of pregnancy, many women complain of pains. Pain in the groin area appears as the result of the tension of the uterus ligaments, as your uterus grows and becomes heavier.

Many pregnant women have pain in the abdomen. It is important to understand the nature of this pain and its localization. If you have pains in the upper abdomen, most likely it’s stomach. Proper nutrition and small portions can solve your problem, however, if the pain continues, you should visit your gastroenterologist.

If you feel pain in the lower abdomen, you urgently need to consult the doctor! This pain may indicate a high risk of spontaneous abortion, especially if it is accompanied by spotting. Immediately call the ambulance!

Cramps, itching and burning in the genital area, as well as ongoing frequent urination may indicate the infection of the urinary tract.

Recommendations for the 10th week of pregnancy

  • Eat only healthy food and in small portions. You don’t need extra weight or constipation.
  • Analyze your weight gain. If there is a reduction in your weight instead of gain, tell your doctor.
  • Walk more in the fresh air.
  • Consult your doctor about taking vitamins and doing special exercises.

10 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

10 weeks ultrasound picture

10 weeks pregnant ultrasound pictures

10 week sonogram pictures

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