How to conceive a boy? Easy tips

What determines the sex of the baby?

How to conceive a boy? Easy tips

Male sperm can be of two types:

  • X-sperm;
  • Y-sperm.

X-spermatozoa have oval heads, lower speed, higher life expectancy and greater strength. Their amount is smaller than the amount of Y-spermatozoa.

Y-spermatozoa have round heads, higher speed, and lower life expectancy. They are fragile, but their amount is bigger in comparison with X-spermatozoa.

In a woman, the ovum is always X-type, so there can be only three participants in this game:

  • X-ovum;
  • X-spermatozoa;
  • Y-spermatozoa.

The result has two possible options:

  • X-ovum + X-spermatozoa =ХХ (a girl);
  • X-ovum + Y-spermatozoa =ХY (a boy).


Knowing this, you can a little increase your chances to conceive a boy.

All you need is more Y-spermatozoa. You should also provide Y-spermatozoa with the easiest way to your ovum. To do this, calculate the time of your ovulation and stop sexual activity for several days before it for a better accumulation of sperm.

To conceive a boy, you need a sexual intercourse on the first day of ovulation. At this time, the vaginal environment becomes more alkaline, and «male» Y-spermatozoa survive better than «female» X-spermatozoa. As your body is more favorable to Y-spermatozoa on the day of ovulation, «boy-sperm» gets greater mobility and girl-spermatozoa are unable to overtake boy-spermatozoa and be the first to fertilize the egg. The accuracy of this method of conception is very high.

To increase your chances of conceiving a boy:

  • Avoid sexual intercourse for 3−4 days before the calculated date of ovulation. This will help increase the number of sperm cells.
  • Your man should avoid hot baths and warm underwear at least a week before conception.
  • Conception must occur only once during ovulation, then use condoms.
  • Ideally, you should reach orgasm before your men.
  • Enjoy a longer prelude for maximum sperm concentration.
  • Choose a position when your man enters you from behind.
  • During orgasm, a man must enter a woman as deeply as possible.
  • Your man should drink a cup of coffee or a glass of soda with caffeine two hours before conception. This will help increase sperm amount.
  • The duration of sperm fixing in your body is 20 minutes, so lie quietly for 20 minutes after intercourse.
  • Avoid using lubricants.

Methods to conceive a boy in different cultures.

In Ancient China, they believed that the woman, who wanted to give birth to a boy, should be lying with her head to the North during conception.

The Egyptians conceived boys in the full moon, the Germans — in sunny and warm weather. Many ancient Europeans put an axe under the pillow to conceive a baby boy. Representatives of Eastern and African nations drank lion blood with wine before conception to have a boy. Certainly, today no one uses these methods

Calendars and charts for conceiving a boy.

Some ancient calendars for conceiving are still popular in many countries. Here is an ancient Chinese table for sex determination. It is about 700 years old. The ancient Chinese believed that the sex of the future baby depends on his mother’s age and the month of conception. It’s easy to use this table. Find your age and the month of conception and you’ll predict your future baby’s sex.


It is hard to judge if this table is true. Do not use this method for serious planning, despite the respect for the ancient Chinese.

A similar method is used in Japan. The Japanese have an interesting calendar of conception. First, you need to determine the number of your couple. You can find it in the chart. For example, if you and your husband were both born in December, the number of your couple is 12.


Now, you can find out, which month is better for you to conceive a boy. If your couple number is twelve, you should conceive in March to have a baby boy.


Count your blood age to conceive a boy

Count, whose blood is younger — yours or your man’s. To do this, you should know that blood is renewed every four years in men and every three years in women. To calculate, whose blood is younger, divide your age by 3 and your man’s age by 4. The Smaller result after dot means younger blood. If you are 29 and your husband is 30, divide 29 by 3 and thirty by 4. You’ll get 9.67 and 7.50. 67>50 — your husband’s blood is younger.

To calculate the real age of blood you also need to count from the last serious blood loss, if there was any. It is, for example, pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion, donating blood or operation. If your man’s blood is younger — you’ll have a baby boy. If your blood is younger — you’ll give birth to a girl. If your blood is RH negative, this rule of conceiving works exactly the opposite — you’ll conceive a boy if your blood is older. Certainly, you can’t 100% rely on this method.

Some more tips on conceiving a baby boy

Italian scientists say that a woman has higher possibility to give birth to a boy if she weighs more than 54 kg. Petite women are more likely to have baby girls.

Japanese studies show that smoking reduces your chances to conceive a boy. Non-smokers have boys more frequently.

German scientists made an interesting conclusion: those mothers, who are less nervous, are more likely to conceive a boy.

A diet to conceive a boy

Two months before conception begin a special diet, which will oxidize your organism, and more boy-spermatozoa will survive. In order to conceive a boy, both future parents need to eat meat, potatoes, pickles, sausage, mushrooms, bananas, apricots, oranges, peaches and figs. Drink tea, coffee and fruit juices.

Eliminate dairy products, kale, nuts, and beans from your diet. Avoid eggs, shrimp, cheese, nuts, milk chocolate, and a green salad. Don’t drink milkshakes, soft water and mineral water with calcium.

Such a diet boy gives good results. It helps create a more acidic environment. This affects the biochemical structure of the ovum, which becomes more favorable for conceiving a boy.

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