Critical thinking development. Find mistakes in the pictures. Worksheets

My kid likes to guess what is wrong in the picture. This activity can be useful for developing logical thinking in children of different ages. Here you will find a variety of pictures, in which the artist has messed up some details. Such an activity is very useful for developing early logical skills. Kids like them. I have some sets of such worksheets — easy and more difficult.

Many believe that logical thinking is like blue eyes, one either has it or not. This is not true. Critical thinking is an aspect, which children should develop. If you want your child to be reasonable, help him. Start doing kid activities for developing early math and logic skills. The activity ‘find mistakes in the picture’ is a good one to begin with. You can also find some more activities here. To find the mistakes is absolutely not difficult and very interesting. The only thing you have to do is to devote time to your child and to show a little imagination. Explain him what is wrong in the first pictures, and he will understand the task.

Let’s begin with simple worksheets with only one or two mistakes. These pictures are for developing logic in 2−3-year-olds.

Activities for toddlers

Begin with these pictures as they are very simple. Can you answer ‘What is wrong in the picture?’

Activities for pre-school children.

These pictures have many mistakes to find. They are for 4−6-year-olds.

I hope your kid likes these worksheets and managed to find all the mistakes in the pictures.

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