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Choosing the perfect baby’s name

Preparing for a new baby name can be quite an exciting yet challenging process. It can also be quite emotional as this can be the best gift and will be one of the thing that identifies the child in life. People have been known to form opinions based on names themselves. The name can also mold the personality of the child. When you’re having trouble, a good place to start can be to find them a meaningful name.

Unisex Names

Choosing a unisex name is said to be quite the easy compromise That way you don’t have to come up with a boy and a girl name. It is rarely done however since a lot of parents nowadays prefer to know the gender of the baby beforehand. Unisex names in the long run can be quite clever and even stylish too. Sometimes, however, gender confusion can upset the kid. Choose unisex names like Mackenzie, Tracy, or Morgan to a girl. It seems that women can accept having a masculine sounding names better than for men to have feminine sounding names. Girls that have names like Samantha or Maxine will even go for short forms such as Sam or Max.

Vintage Names

These names can come from a singer, movie star, sport player, politician or any important public figure in that period. These would be names like Shirley, Marilyn, and even Jacquelyn. You can even go to classic literature to find old-fashion names.

Meanings become less important when it comes to vintage names, since the object is usually secondary. Girls name have more of a trend to fads and boys are said to change less. For names that are old-fashioned look towards your grandparents, great grandparents, books, and movies from the era you want the name itself from.

Ethnic/Family Names

Choosing a name from ancestry can be a way of showing pride in heritage and wanting to give your child that passing. Culture names can also be a way of giving a child a name that is not very common but without any negative associations. Look at other languages for different spelling of the name if you want or for different spellings of common names. Using a foreign language version of a common name can result in a name that sounds distinct and familiar. For example the name Mattias is the Swedish version of Matthew.

Find out the name of your grandparents or ancestors. Use family names or their middle names if you want, or even the maiden name of a grandmother.  That can be a way of giving the child a unique name while also coming up with the heritage and ties of family. Naming a baby with the name of someone special in your life that adore or credit highly is quite the common practice. This can also become the highest form of compliment.

Hollywood Names

Hollywood has been known to set standards when it comes to baby names. They can anywhere from classic to completely made up. Strange has also been the word used to describe it as well. Frank Zappa even named two of his children Moon Unit and Dweezil. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise named their children Isabella Jane and Connor Anthony. Madonna named her kids Rocco and Lourdes. These are out there on the spectrum. A lot of them like to be different, and gives names that are definitely not common.

Religious Names

Names with religious backgrounds are also quite popular. Michael is said to be one of the most popular boy names and other names will include Jacob, Matthew, Ethan, Muhammad, Abdullah and Joshua. Popular girl religious names are said to include Aisha, Alya, Hannah, Samantha, Rebecca, and Abigail.

Creating A Name

Making a name up is coming more in fashion in this day and age. However one must be careful when doing it. Job discrimination can come about when one has a made up name that is extremely unusual. The child can be subject to frequent mispronunciation by teachers and friends. Creating a name that is new can give the child a strong feeling of identity which comes with using a word not typically taken to be a name. Check dictionaries and other sources to see if the name you made have a hidden meaning that can be a word that is obscure and could embarrass the child.

Personality And Names

The name given to your child can affect their personality, identity, and behavior throughout their entire life. When you choose a strange name it can make the child a target for bullying or teasing sometimes. While you might using the name to gain some popularity or give the kid something different to know them by, they can still be subjected to prejudice. Some children will even want to change the name as adults or just use initials.

Giving a name that is common can be a downfall as well. When you select a popular name for a kid such as Brittany, Ashley, or Dylan it is quite likely they will have several classmates with the same name. While your child might not feel anything wrong with that others may feel it is hard to establish their own identity. They might feel that they do not fit in if they have the same name. Try to do things that make them fell like their own self.

Tips For Choosing

Say the name out loud and see if it sounds good with the last name. It can take time for you to get use to things. Avoid names that can be turned into horrible nicknames. Make sure the name does not rhyme with words that are used as insults.

Try saying the name out loud. Make sure it sounds good with your last name. It may take some time for you to get used to it. Avoid names that can easily be turned into taunting nicknames. See if the name you like rhymes with any words likely to be used in an insult. For example you do not want Bart to be used as a nickname for Bartholomew.

Look to see if the initials can be spelt into anything that can be embarrassing. There are plenty of legends of children named something quite embarrassing by parents that are unwitting. The child’s name is with them for life so pick something they will be proud to have.

Coming up with names for kids does not have to be difficult at all, it can be fun and educational at the same time too. Why not check out Mum Zone’s Baby Names Calculator to discovering different name origins that are fun and meaningful!  Even if you have already picked a name it is still fun to learn the origins of baby name meanings as well! It is sometimes that one can do for hours on end at a time too!

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