Child safety gates. How to choose child door gates? FAQ

Safety gates for children is a device, which separates a baby from dangerous places. For a child, this design represents an insurmountable obstacle in the form of a fence, in which there is a «gate» for an adult. Despite their remarkable zeal and desire, babies will not be able to overcome the «obstacle» on their own, while an adult can easily open the gate.

Child safety gates. How to choose child door gates? FAQ

Child safety gates are used to ensure that the baby won’t go (creep) into another room or place, which is dangerous for him. Thanks to child safety gates, you baby won’t fall down the stairs.

How do child door gates work?

Child safety gates are attached to the doorway (fastening is included). They can be opened in both directions. Child safety gates have a secure latch. Even little babies are sometimes left alone. Such gates will help your baby avoid dangerous places. Child door gates will also protect your child from domestic animals, because it can be unsafe to leave your baby with your pet. Attach safety gates to doorways and ensure your baby’s safety.

I must say that baby safety gates have several advantages:

  • they are easy to transfer;
  • the child is not able to open the gate;
  • the width of the gate can be easily regulated;

How to choose child door gates?

There are real collections of safety gates of different colors and variations; they look great in any interior. When choosing the «right» design of gates experts recommend considering the following things:

  • child safety gates are used only for children under 2 years;
  • do not use safety gates in window openings;
  • the best option is when the gates open in both directions, that will ensure freedom of movement of a mother with a child in her arms;
  • open gates width should be comfortable for an adult to pass through;
  • safety gates should be easy open/close with one hand;
  • no crossbar on the floor level ensures that an adult, especially with a baby in the arms, won’t accidentally stumble;
  • automatic closing doors eliminates the need for constant control after entry/exit;
  • indicator of proper installation will show the reliability of fastening devices.

So what you need is wide child safety gates, that can open in both directions, can be easily closed with one hand. Good safety gates should be equipped with automatic closing doors and indicator of proper installation. It’s better if the gates have no crossbar on the floor.

Baby gates, manufactured by leading companies-manufacturers, comply with all the requirements of international standards, guarantee the safety of the child, provide ease of installation and the integrity of the interior.

Types of safety gates

Child safety gates can be of different width and height for children from six months to about two years.

Safety gates can be manufactured from metal, plastic, wood or a combination of materials. They have different ways of fastening. One of the most common types is the struts, but there are also models with the mount into the wall.

The main advantages of child safety gates with struts are:

  • no need to drill walls;
  • you can decrease/increase the width of the gates to put them in any place you like

Choosing safety gates, you need to decide where and in what conditions they will be used, as these devices can have various constructions, and methods of fastening.

There are several varieties of safety gates:

  • Safety gates with fixed width.

Such door gates are installed in the doorway, therefore, must correspond to its size. They can only serve for overlapping input and output. Such gates can be mounted on hinges or without applying them in case of suction cups. If safety gates are mounted on hinges, they can only be stationary used in one doorway. Other options allow the gates to be put anywhere around the home, depending on the location of the baby.

  • Folding safety gates.

They are used in those cases where the child is often left at the grandparents’, or if you often travel from place to place. They are easy to install in a doorway and, if necessary, they can be folded accordion-like, without taking up much space. In this form, they can be transported from one place to another.

  • Sliding gates

The width of sliding gates can be regulated that’s why they are more versatile in use. They can serve to overlap the wide doorways or narrow balcony door or stairway.
Some safety gates can be extended by installing additional panels included in the kit, or purchased separately. Such gates are easily converted into bedroom deviders. In this case, you can restrict your child’s access to certain parts of the room, for example, to a computer or other equipment, and to highlight the area where the child can play safely.

Due to its aesthetically pleasing appearance and «airiness» child safety gates will fit into any interior, you don’t even need to drill walls and floors.

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