9th week of pregnancy — fetal development

The 9th week of pregnancy is often the 7th week from conception, that means the 7th week of your baby’s life inside you. As it is sometimes difficult to determine the exact date of fertilization, it can be also the 6th or the 8th week from conception.

9th week of pregnancy

The third month of your pregnancy begins this week. It’s still difficult for people to notice the external changes in your body. Only your frequent changes of mood and possible early toxicosis can give you out. However, the woman at the ninth week is already aware of her pregnancy.

Fetal Development at 9 Weeks Pregnant

The fetus begins to look like a tiny baby. His tail starts to disappear, and the back starts to straighten up. His length is about 22−30mm (0,87 — 1,18 inches) from crown to rump. He weighs about 4 grams.

Your baby’s head is still disproportionately large. The brain is rapidly developing. Both hemispheres are formed. The cerebellum, which is responsible for coordination, begins to develop.

The eyes have formed, but they are still closed by little eyelids. The fetus has ears and neck. Arms and legs continue growing. Membranes between the fingers begin to disappear. You baby has rudiments of teeth and hair follicles. The baby can move and swallow! The swallowing reflex is the first reflex of your baby. You placenta gives him oxygen and nutrition.

The abdominal and thoracic cavities increase in volume. In the lungs, there is an obvious development of the bronchial tree. Lymphocytes — the first cells, which are responsible for the immune system, begin to form in the blood.

The tiny heart has finished its division into 4 chambers (2 atria, 2 ventricles). In the ninth week the heart of the fetus makes about 130−150 beats per minute.

The middle layer of the adrenal glands, which are responsible for production of adrenaline, is formed in the 9th week of fetal development. The thyroid gland starts functioning.

From the ninth week, the fetus begins to gain weight rapidly as all the main organs are formed.

How your life is changing at 9 weeks pregnant.

You start to gain more weight than during the first 2 months. This is not due to the weight of your baby and the growing uterus, but because of the increased volume of blood and lymphatic fluid in your body. You need more blood to provide the fetus with necessary nutrients. At 9 weeks pregnant, you also begin to accumulate reserves of fat for breastfeeding.

As the volume of plasma and red blood cells grow unevenly, you may develop anemia. If the hemoglobin concentration falls, you should take additional iron from food or pills. Check your condition now not to have problems with anemia in the third trimester. Anemia is dangerous for pregnant women not because it brings about fatigue and dizziness, but due to the fact that it increases the risk of death from blood loss during childbirth. Therefore, it’s better to eliminate this problem as soon as possible.

If you haven’t taken a blood test, then do it as soon as possible. Cytomegalovirus, rubella, toxoplasmosis, HIV and many other diseases and infections can seriously harm the fetus, but doctors can minimize harmful effects after timely detection. Try to avoid contact with sick people. The baby will not like even a simple cold in your body.

In the 9th week of pregnancy an expectant mother may notice that her skin and hair became dry. This is because your fetus requires a lot of water. Try drinking more and eating juicy fruits and vegetables.

Take care of your teeth and oral cavity. They may suffer during hormonal changes and later from the increased needs for calcium.

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