The fourth week of pregnancy. 4 weeks pregnant.

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  1. saima says:

    i have no idea why this crazy harmones play with our feelings😑i am 23 just married, and trying for a baby now!!:)i had irregular periods back in 2016, whole year i was puzzeled why this is happening i seeked medical advice and doctor said it will be normal once i get married… i hot married on 25 dec my due date was 26 and i got one on 26 dec then the other one on 24 jan and had absent period for the month of feb and march tooo i am 2 days late for my periods and had 4 negetive hpt one on 24 feb other on 7 march and 3rd one on 12 march n last i took on 23 march in the evening! have high body tempreture sore breast bloating fatigue met with doctor yesterday she told to wait for more 10 days😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

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