Category: Pregnancy Complications

preeclampsia in pregnancy 0

Pre-eclampsia signs and diagnosis.

Late toxemia, preeclampsia or gestosis is a pregnancy complication, leading to the breakdown of the vital systems. It begins in the second half of pregnancy and progresses until delivery. Sometimes preeclampsia is also...

pain during pubic symphysitis 0

Pubic symphysitis during pregnancy.

Pubic articulation, which is popularly known as pubis, is called symphysis in medicine. Normally it is fixed, but in certain circumstances it may swell and become mobile, which is already a pathology called pubic...

Early toxemia 0

Early toxemia in pregnancy

Toxemia of pregnancy or early preeclampsia is a common pathology occurring in the first trimester of pregnancy (before 12 weeks) due to neuroendocrine disorders in pregnant women. Today there are many theories...